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Pontiac Headlight Problems

There are a large variety of headlights available in the market. A few of them are super white halogen bulbs, white high intensity bulbs, incandescent bulbs and projector headlights. Installing quality Pontiac headlights will provide better illumination while driving at night.

To learn how to install and replace Pontiac headlights you should speak to professionals. Read below where Experts have answered questions on standard Pontiac headlight issues.

Why did both the low beam headlights stop working on my Pontiac Grand Prix?

The low beam is fed voltage from a yellow wire. You need to probe that wire with a test lamp and see if you are receiving voltage. Probe the black wire to verify ground. If the key and low beam is on and there is no voltage you need to check the low beam fuses. Verify that all the fuses have power. After this proceed to examine the low beam relay. You need to verify that you are getting power. If there is no ground proceed to the steering column, drop the cover and access the multifunction switch. If you have ground and voltage on the other checks you will need to replace the relay.

Why do the brake lights on my 1994 Nissan Pontiac Trans AM not work properly when I turn my headlights on?

In most cases this happens if there is a problem with the headlight ground or a running light ground. It could be an issue in the front or rear so you will need to check the ground in all.

Why have the low beam headlights and day time running lights stopped working on my 2007 Pontiac Vibe?

The common component between the low beams and the DRLs are the daytime running light control module. Power goes to both the low and high beam bulbs through the same relay and fuses so if the high beams are working it indicates that the fuses are good. Take a jumper wire and connect one end to the good ground and the other end to the red/black wire at either of the headlight connectors with the lights turned on. If the low beams light up then there is a problem with the DRL module located in the driver’s seat of the dash. If the low beams fail to come on it indicates that there is some problem with the bulbs or bulb connectors.

Why do fog lights work but not the headlights on a 2009 Pontiac G6?

With a 12v test lamp you need to check if there is voltage in both the low beam fuses; fuse 7 and fuse 9. If there is voltage in the fuses it indicates that there might be burnt connectors at the headlamps bulbs. If there is no voltage then it could mean that there is an issue with the body control module.

Headlights help you navigate your car at night. Driving without headlights or with low power headlights might result in a collision with another vehicle. There are a few tips you can follow to ensure that your headlights work well in all climatic conditions. If you need assistance to install or repair your Pontiac headlights you should contact an Expert.
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