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Honda Head Gasket Problems

A head gasket is normally used to prevent any kind of leakage into the cylinders by maintaining the highest level of compression. However, like every other component, a car owner may experience several Honda head gasket problems. Some of them could be related to issues such as blown head gaskets, damaged wiring to the sensors, failed gaskets blowing only cold air and so on. Often, it may not be easy to understand the true cause of a problem. In such a situation, speaking to an Expert for help and taking their professional advice is always the best alternative. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Honda head gasket problems that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause a replaced Honda head gasket to leak coolant from the exhaust?

The head could be twisted or there might be a crack in the head, causing this problem to occur. Inspect the head for any cracks. If it seems to be warped, machine the head flat. Alternately, checking the position of the head gasket will also be a good idea.

What will prevent a car from starting even with a replaced Honda head gasket?

Improperly positioned cylinders on the rotor, poor connections to the cylinders, faulty injector pulse, failed ignition or a defective compression can cause this to happen. A proper diagnosis is highly recommended to determine the exact cause of this problem.

What needs to be checked if a car keeps stalling and there is a blown Honda head gasket?

A cylinder head for leaks and warpage and the engine block for flatness will all need to be checked to fix this issue. If any of these parts are found to be distorted, having them machined straight would be the best possible solution.

What is causing the engine light to appear with misfiring cylinders even with a replaced Honda head gasket?

This could be from an incorrect valve adjustment. The best course of action would be to remove the head and have the valves correctly adjusted.

Why would a car engine light appear even after replacing a Honda head gasket?

This could happen either due to a disconnected sensor or valves that have been misadjusted. Using a diagnostic scanner, check for any error codes to verify what is causing the problem. Consult an Expert if any help is desired.

What could be preventing the car from starting even after changing the Honda head gasket?

The exhaust valves could be twisted due to incorrect timing, causing this problem. Try to pull out the valves and check their alignment. If they are not good, replace the valves. Contact an auto parts store to do the replacement.

What could be causing a Honda head gasket to continue blowing due to overheating?

First, have the head and the engine block inspected for flatness using a straight edge tool. If the parts seem to be warped, installing a new motor would be the best recourse. An Expert’s guidance may help in this replacement.

What could be the cause for a Honda head gasket to leak?

A crack in the cylinder head or a faulty head gasket could be the cause. Troubleshoot to pinpoint the root cause of the issue and replace as necessary. Seeking an Expert’s advice will be a good idea in a repair like this.

When an owner is faced with a Honda head gasket problem, they may have several questions. What is the cause of a head gasket leak, why is a head gasket blowing off, what is overheating the head gasket and so on are few of such questions that they may have in mind. Thus, when this happens, finding the right answer to these questions becomes very important wherein seeking an Expert’s advice serves as the best help. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Honda head gasket problems, a Honda Mechanic Expert would help you evaluate your case details and provide an effective mechanical insight.
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