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Cadillac Head Gasket Questions

Are you looking for an alternative to replacing the Cadillac head gasket? Do you need head gasket troubleshooting tips? Are you still experiencing problems after a head gasket replacement? The purpose of the head gasket is to seal the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders; therefore, it is the most critical sealing application in an engine. Being a necessary component for the prevention of leakage, care must be taken to ensure proper maintenance of the head gaskets. Unawareness of the how to handle issues with the Cadillac head gasket could lead to problems. Read below where questions have been answered by Experts.

Can the sealant ‘Thermagasket’ be used to repair a blown Cadillac head gasket?

The sealant ‘Thermagasket’ is not a repair product. At the most, it might temporarily clog up a leak point if there is coolant leaking into a cylinder causing white smoke to come out from the gasket. The only fix is to have the head gasket replaced.

What could cause a problem to the Cadillac head gasket?

If any exhaust gases are found in the cooling system, it will cause more pressure than desired and will probably allow the engine to burn coolant. There would then be an internal engine problem like a head gasket or head.

Why won’t a Cadillac Catera start even after replacing the Cadillac head gasket?

In order to find the exact problem, a compression test could be done by taking out the spark plugs and screwing in the compressor tester. Then one needs to hold the accelerator to the floor while cranking the engine (about 6 revolutions) and see what the gauge reads. Sometimes Autozone or similar parts stores may lend out some of their tools.

What is the labor time to replace Cadillac head gaskets?

The labor time to replace one head gasket is nine hours. It is always recommended to replace both head gaskets at the same time just in case the other is weak and could begin to leak. It is best to use factory parts for replacements.

Are there any products to seal Cadillac head gasket leaks without removing the heads?

There are some products that can be added to the coolant which supposedly seal off the head gasket leaks. It is a thick or gum like liquid that comes in a can. Most often this works; however, sometimes, the leak may reoccur depending on how bad the leak is. Most aftermarket part stores sell these products. One should make sure to follow the directions on the can. If the leaks are still not sealed, the heads will have to be removed and the head gasket replaced. If the heads are removed, it would be good to check if the heads are warped or cracked in order to prevent further repair.

What are the symptoms of a blown Cadillac head gasket or a cracked cylinder head or block?

The first sign would be loss of coolant and or white smoke coming out of the tail pipe. Then the engine temperature would rise and probably overheat. The engine temperature could also fluctuate anywhere from just a little bit to a lot. In the worst case, the engine would overheat until it shuts down or even hydro locks because of coolant getting into the cylinders.

What is the test to determine a problem with the Cadillac head gasket?

There is an old school tool called a block checker which is used to determine a problem with the head gasket. It is a device that is put on the overflow bottle to draw vapors from the cooling system through a special fluid. The fluid is blue, and if there are combustion gases in the cooling system, it turns yellow.

Will a loose cooling system pressure cap cause overheating and subsequent blown Cadillac head gaskets?

A loose cooling system pressure cap will surely cause loss of coolant and overheating which could blow the head gaskets. The least bit of overheating in the Northstar engine could blow the head gaskets.

The Cadillac head gasket is very important, and owners must be aware of the signs of failure of the gaskets. Unawareness of how to diagnose a bad head gasket could lead to questions. When questions arise, turning to an Expert is highly recommended.
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