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Troubleshooting HD TV Repair Problems

High Definition Television or HDTV is a form of technology that provides an image resolution five times superior to that of a standard definition television. It allows its viewers to enjoy better picture quality with surround sound effect and watch movies in the original widescreen format. HDTV is usually broadcasted through 720p, 1080p and 1080i. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to HD TV Repair Problems that has been answered by the Experts.

If an individual has a RCA LCD HD TV, is it possible for the individual to receive digital signals that are over the air?

In order to find the owner’s manual for your twenty four inch LCD TV, you would have access this PDF file on Now what you would need to do here is go to page thirteen of this document and follow the instructions. You should be able to program, search and scan all your TV channels through those instructions. Therefore, in this case you would require only the antenna and not a converter box. You should know that the model of your TV does receive digital channels.

How can an individual fix a problem where their HD TV will not turn on after it has turned off? The individual has tried changing the surge protector, the outlet and the batteries in the remote.

In a situation like this, basic troubleshooting is the best option that you could have. What you would need to do is unplug the power cord first and then remove the rear panel of the TV. After the back panel is removed, you would find the AC power cord receptacle. You would have to trace its wires deeper into the TV until you have reached its dead end, where you would find an AC line fuse. You would then have to check the fuse using your meter.

Now if you find out that the fuse is open, you would need to purchase two replacements as there are high chances that the first replacement might blow off. In case, the new fuse fails to cure the problem or is even fine to begin with, you would then need to measure the standby 5V lines. These lines come from the power supply board and could be of 3.3V sometimes. This however, would help to identify if the problem is with power supply or the main board. Now if you have a standby voltage but you find out that your TV is not showing any outward sign of life, it means that you would need to replace the main board. However you would have to replace the power supply, if the standby voltage line is dead. You should make sure to match the current and voltage while replacing the fuse.

How can an individual fix a problem on their JVC HD TV where there is no sound and the TV is connected to a direct box?

To begin with, these kinds of audio problems are very common in these television sets. Therefore, in order to cure them, you would need to install a new main board inside your television set. The main board usually contains all the audio amplifier chips and the AV inputs. Therefore, what you would need to do in this case is disconnect the TV for few hours.

After disconnecting the TV when you find out that the chip has cooled down, you would need to check if it is producing a sound. However, you must know that even if it does make a sound, it would just be a temporary fix. Thus, there is a possibility that the problem might appear again. Usually, you could expect to pay around three hundred and fifty dollars to a technician for a repair like this.

You may want to visit to find a technician in your locality. Alternately, if you could purchase a set of amplified speakers and have them connected directly to the direct TV box, you could have your TV get rid of producing the audio portion of the signal. Moreover, it would be less expensive than getting it repaired by a technician.

High Definition Televisions provide digitally enhanced picture quality along with improved and refined sound system. However, every HDTV has its set of problems. These may relate to picture and sound issues, connection and setting problems, signal reception problems and so on. It is, thus, always better to either troubleshoot or contact a technician when such problems occur. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to HD TV Repair Problems, you may ask an Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.

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