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HD Ready TV Problems

HD Ready TV can receive and display HD signals using an external source like a satellite or cable receiver to process and convert the signals. Usually, there are many different cable and satellite companies that provide these external receivers. Moreover, they can be purchased over the internet or at various electronic stores. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to HD Ready TV that has been answered by the Experts.

Is Toshiba 40xV551D a HD Ready TV?

Your Toshiba 40xV551D TV is HD Ready and it has a built in Freeview tuner within it.

What do I have to do to convert my Mitsubishi HD Ready TV to HD active? I have a cable connection.

In this case, what you would need to do to get HD on your television is contact your cable operator to get you a HD package. Your cable company would have your TV connected to a HD receiver first and then plug in a set of component cables into it. This should get you a HD quality picture.

I cannot get HD on the Freeview receiver of my Sony HD Ready TV to watch BBC and ITV programs. It says the program is unavailable. How to get HD?

In this case, you would need to have a new Freeview HD receiver. Your TV is already HD Ready, which indicates that it can display HD content. However, the reason you can’t receive HD on your selected channels is because the current range of Freeview boxes can neither display nor receive HD content. The only way, therefore, you could cure this problem is by buying a separate Freeview HD tuner.

The sound on my Samsung LED HD Ready TV has stopped functioning. Before it went completely dead, the sound kept popping in and out for few seconds, making a ticking noise each time it turned on or off. The TV is two weeks old. How to fix this?

Based on what you mentioned, it looks like there is a failure in the audio IC inside the television set. Usually, it is the audio IC that drives the internal speakers. In most cases, these TV sets use amplifier IC’s that are low powered and cheap in quality, which tend to heat up and fail. That is why it is very normal for such problems to occur in these sets. For replacing the IC, you could expect to spend around two hundred dollars. However, since this TV set is two weeks old, it should be under the manufacturer’s warranty service. Therefore, in a case like this, you could have the TV exchanged for another one through the retailer you bought the set from.

The screen on my Toshiba LCD HD Ready TV becomes green and then freezes after I tune into Sky HD. I tried turning both the TV and Sky off for about three minutes but nothing happened. All other connections are good. There are no problems with any other channel. What is the issue here?

In this case, it could be a bad firmware that is causing this problem. Like every other modern television, your TV also has an on-board called the mainboard inside the unit. This mainboard contains a string of firmware that controls the board. Now this string can cause many problems to occur including the one with yours. Usually, there are many manufacturers who would allow their consumers to download firmware from their sites. However, most of the consumers would find it hard to upgrade their TV sets from the firmware downloaded from those sites. Now Toshiba did not support this earlier. But with the manufacture of their latest sets, they had USB ports built in within those sets, allowing their consumers to upgrade their televisions. In your situation, however, this kind of upgrade would not be possible. Therefore, you would have to take your unit to a Toshiba approved agent who should be able to upgrade the firmware using specialist computer software. You would need to visit and get in touch with one of the agents.

The most common types of HD Ready TV’s are LCD, DLP and Plasma. These televisions have HDMI and component connections for devices like DVD players, cable/satellite boxes and for other HD technologies. The HD Ready TV has a built in HD capable tuner that can be connected to a standard antenna or any source of reception to receive HD signals. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to HD Ready TV, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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