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Hate Crime Laws

What are Hate Crimes?

What are Hate Crimes? Hate crimes are illegal acts such as destruction, fire starting, physical attack, or murder committed towards somebody because of his or her race, faith, gender, traditions, disability, sexual preference or age. In a hate crime, the individual is selected for the reason that of a trait or personal characteristic that is different. Hate crimes are bias-motivated violence against individuals or property and may include verbal abuse or insults, graffiti, bullying or assault.

What are some types of hate crimes?

There are various kinds of hate crimes. The most general hate crimes contain ethnic, gender, faith, and even political party. Hate crimes against a faith that was horrific occurred in Nazi Germany. More recently the ethnic conflicts in Bosnia and genocide in Rwanda are other examples of mass hate crimes. For information directly relating to hate crimes, and hate crime punishments, read below to find Expert answers.

If someone gives a verbal death threat, is it an offense and is it punishable by law? Is expressing hate against another religion considered a hate crime in U.S.?

Threats like that are against the law and will have an effect on someone's immigration status if the threat was imminent. If the individual stated, "I will kill you" and nothing else was said or done after that, then that is not an offense. If the person was carrying a weapon in the victims company and said "I'm about to kill you", then that could be considered an offense of assault.

If someone commits a hate crime on private property by writing a racial slur on a party’s property, what are his or hers options?

The individual should report the crime to the law enforcement as soon as possible. The individual should not take off any of the writings. As a result, that way there is proof for the law enforcement to utilize in an investigation.

Can someone appeal a criminal complaint for a hate crime two years later?

Notices of appeal are required to be made in 30 days of the conviction. If the party does not do so, then the only way to re-open the case would be with the judge seeing new evidence that the individual is not guilty. Then the individual will need to obtain a legal representative to take up the case. Re-opening a closed case could be extremely pricey and for the most part, several of the pro bono (at no charge) legal representatives would take on death punishment cases first and then they would think about additional offenses if they were not that hectic.

There are times that you need answers to your tough questions — questions that may be too sensitive for you to consult a friend or co-worker. Sometimes, you may want to discuss your issues with a neutral party who is experienced in the legal area that you are dealing with. If you are having issues with hate crimes or just need answers to your questions pertaining to a hate crimes you can ask Experts. Experts answer many of the legal questions related to hate crimes in an efficient and knowledgeable manner
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