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Hard Palate Questions

Are you in need of information about hard palate pain or inflammation? Do you need to find out what causes bony-like lumps on the hard palate? The hard palate expands the roof of the mouth and can be susceptible to injuries from anything inserted into the mouth. Read below for similar questions Experts have answered.

What is a hard palate?

The hard palate is located in the roof of the mouth. It is a thin bony plate of the skull that spans the arch from by the upper teeth. The rugae is the anterior portion of the hard palate and helps food move backwards towards the pharynx.

What would cause hard palate pain and sensitivity?

Hard palate pain and sensitivity can be caused from pain that is actually from the upper teeth and it is just referred to the hard palate. But if the pain is actually coming from the hard palate it can be caused by thermal burn, irritation from a dental prosthesis, or a lesion on the palate.

What is recommended if a dentist is unable to diagnose pain in the hard palate?

It may be necessary to consult with another dentist to find the cause of the hard palate pain. Oral surgeons may have the better chance of diagnosing the issue.

What could a small tough sore lump on the hard palate be?

The lump can be a mucous retention cyst. These occur when a mucous gland duct in the hard palate becomes blocked or even injured causing a blister to form under the surface of the tissue. These types of cysts can recur but most heal on their own. If it does not resolve or continues to recur then an examination by a dentist may be needed.

Could a smooth hard like bony bump on the hard palate that resulted from a fork injury be torus palatines?

Torus palatinus is a dental issue that is present at birth. A possible cause of the bony-like bump is an irritational fibroma. This can be an over production of tissue as a result of the fork jab to the hard palate. If it interferes with speech it could be removed surgically.

Could intermittent frontal hard palate inflammation indicate cancer?

Very rarely the anterior not the frontal hard palate is involved in cancer. It is unlikely that the hard palate inflammation that is being experienced has any association. Intermittent issues are not characteristic of cancer as cancer does not resolve on its own. The soft tissue of the hard palate is susceptible to injury from foods, dental appliances, etc. that can cause inflammation. Other causes include periodontal disease and secondary herpes simplex viral lesions.

What does it mean when there is a dark blue spot on the hard palate of the mouth?

A dark blue spot on the hard palate typically depicts a vascular lesion or a meeting of venous blood vessels near the surface of the tissue. If the blue spot turns white or pink when pushed on but then fills up with blood again and turns back to blue then it is a vascular issue. These can be treated by oral surgeons. If the blue color doesn’t change when pressed upon then a determination needs to be made on whether or not it is a raised lesion or a flat lesion. It can end up being a bruise or something more serious that could suggest an underlying medical issue. It may be necessary to have an oral surgeon examine the spot for a definitive diagnosis.

Hard palate issues can be uncomfortable to deal with. You may find you have questions about hard palate defects, diseases, or treatments that need answers quickly. Contact verified Experts day or night so that you get answers to all your dental questions.

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