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Questions about Harassment Law

Is calling a phone number to see if I was calling the right number considered harassment?

In most cases, it is considered harassment when there are repeated acts upon an individual. Harassment is the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. As such, one phone call to check if you were calling the correct number would not be considered as harassment. There would have to be more calls involved for it to be considered harassment.

When a neighbor keeps calling the police and filing false reports against minor children, would this be a form of harassment?

If the reports filed by a neighbor against minor children are not true, and you have proof of this, then it the repeated reports by the neighbor could be considered a form of harassment as well as a form of defamation of character. To prove defamation of character and harassment, you will need three things in most cases:

1. Proof that there were defamatory comment/comments about you or your children you will be representing
2. These comments were made to third parties
3. That you have experienced damages or injuries to your reputation through these comments

However, you can file a restraining order so that the harassment is documented with the police. If you need help determining when to file harassment or if a situation would be considered harassment, Lawyers on JustAnswer can answer your harassment questions effectively.

How to stop someone from an individual or business on an internet site?

If you are faced with a situation where an individual is harassing you or your business through an internet website, you should hire a business litigation lawyer to handle this type of harassment. The lawyer that you hire can sue for injunction and loss of profits. The lawyer would sue for the injunction to remove the posts and to stop any further defamation. On a criminal side, this would, in most cases, be considered a Class A misdemeanor for online harassment. To get clarity on your specific situation, the Lawyers on JustAnswer can answer your civil and criminal harassment questions.

What can be done when school staff and other children single out and harass a child?

If you feel your child is being singled out for harassment by the school staff and/or other children at school, you should first ask your child to keep a log — with the date, time and details — of each incident of harassment. Ask your child to be as detailed as possible of the nature of the harassment and what exactly was done. The next step would be to write a certified letter to the principal as well as to the superintendant of the school, stating all the facts that you have of the harassment. In the letter, you should state that the authorities will be contacted if this situation is not rectified. In most cases, these two steps should be enough in ending the harassment. If these two steps do not seem to help, you can hire an attorney to represent your child in court to stop the harassment. And you can ask a Lawyer on JustAnswer to know the best course of action for you.

Neighbor puts a letter on the front door accusing a neighbor of harassment. Is this considered slander or libel and is this a form of harassment?

This form of action is most likely to be considered libel and a form of slander if you can prove you have not been harassing your neighbors. You can even claim that your reputation has suffered from their actions. The first thing you should do is to call the police and get each situation documented. This will help support a petition for a restraining order. It will also help you provide the documented proof of continued libel, slander and harassment by your neighbor.

Harassment comes in many forms and varies in its degree of intensity and legal implications. Understanding the harassment law in your locale or state can be hard at times. It can lead to questions and uncertainty. Ask Lawyers on JustAnswer any specific questions you have on issues of harassment.
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