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Hands Free Problems

“Hands free”, as the name suggests, refers to equipment that can be used without the help of hands or at least with limited usage of hands. These include devices that use voice commands, Bluetooth headsets, hands-free car kits (HFCK) and more. Laws on the usage of hands free devices differ all over the world. For example, while it is mandatory to use mobile phones with hands free devices while driving in some countries, this kind of usage is banned in certain American states because of the dangers it poses to the driver. Listed below are a few questions about hands free devices that are answered by the Experts.

What can be done when a Droid X was connected to an integrated hands free systems in a Honda Accord and Nissan Titan and was working fine until recently now the devices are paired, they don’t seem to connect?

This can occasionally happen when upgrades are newly installed on the phone. In case this isn’t the reason in this situation, try taking the battery out from the phone. After 20 seconds, plug the phone into the wall charger, put the battery back in and switch the phone on again. This should sort the problem out.

What can be done if a Bluetooth enabled hands free device doesn’t seem to be pairing with a different phone?

Case details: Hands free device from a Blackberry VM 605, niece’s phone - PCD phone, user’s phone – Blackberry 8330 The device may need to be disabled from the first phone to enable it to pair with another phone. To do this, go to the menu, select options and then Bluetooth. Under this, choose the Bluetooth device and hit the menu button. If an option to disable or forget the device is visible, choose it. Once this is done, try and pair the device with the second phone again.

What is a good hands free gizmo that can call, receive, maintain a directory and more for an iPhone 4 ?

The Jabra Cruiser is worth checking out for this purpose. Among its many benefits, it is A2DP which lets the phone play music and other audio; is loud with very good quality audio; has Bluetooth connectivity; comes with a good FM Transmitter that can use the car speakers for music and voice calls; is designed with a built-in speaker; has good battery backup; helps make calls using voice commands and is reasonably priced.

What can be done to fix an aftermarket hands free device that is used with a Nokia 6303 phone, it says that the accessory isn’t supported ?

Nokia phones generally support only Nokia accessories. However, if the only option is to use an aftermarket accessory, a person may consider trying a Nokia headset jack adapter. This is designed like a tiny plug that fits into the headset jack and has enough space for another headset to connect to the adapter. Once this is done, it will turn the accessory into specifications that are compatible with Nokia headsets.

What is the code through which hands free can be made to be compatible with a Nokia phone?

By entering the code “0000”, the hands free device should pair with the Nokia phone.  Hands free devices have multiple uses and benefits. However, it is important to find the right hands free accessory to pair with a digital device. If users have more questions about hands free devices, they have come to the right place. Direct all queries to Experts who can offer professional insights and opinions to help with each case both quickly and at an affordable cost.
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