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Renault Handbrake Troubleshooting

Is your Renault handbrake not working? Is diagnosing the problem proving to be difficult? Professional expertise is required to deal with the complex system. The opinions of verified mechanical Experts will give you the information and guidance you need to be sure that the right repairs are done so you can drive safely.

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What repairs are required if the handbrake of a 2004 Renault Scenic Dynamique is jammed in the on position and will not release?

This kind of problem usually requires the vehicle to be taken to a dealer for a scan so that the fault in the handbrake module can be diagnosed. That being said, there is one thing that can be tried before going to a shop and that is to try to do a reset of the system. To do this:

  • Turn the ignition to the ON position, but do not start the vehicle.
  • Keep the driver’s door open.
  • Press the LOCK button on the key card.
  • Put the key card in the reader.
  • Push the START button for five seconds.
  • Pull the large part of the manual handbrake handle while simultaneously pressing the small button with the red light. Do not let go of the handle.
  • The handbrake motor may now reset.

If this does not work, the vehicle will have to be taken to a dealer or shop with a Renault scan tool for problem diagnosis.

What could cause the nearside wheel on a Renault Laguna II to not hold with the handbrake and how can the problem be fixed?

This will require a step by step diagnosis process.

  • Remove the affected wheel to access the brake caliper.Inspect the friction surface for signs of wear and check that the caliper is not seized. If problems are found, replace the defective part.
  • Check the slider pins and if the movement is not smooth, replace them.
  • Remove the brake pads to see if they are seized in the carrier. If so, clean and grease them.
  • If no problems are found with these checks, the controller/actuator may be faulty. This will require hooking the vehicle to a Renault scan tool to read the stored fault codes that should pinpoint the problem so repairs can be done.

What could be the reason for the electronic handbrake on a 2005 Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 to intermittently not engage?

One reason for erratic handbrake operation on this model is worn brake pads. Check them and replace if worn. If the problem remains, the handbrake motor is probably faulty and, if so, will have to be replaced. The only way to be sure if the motor or some other component is at fault is to have a scan done with a Renault scan tool.

If the cable of the electronic handbrake on a Renault Laguna 2.0 16V is seized, how can it be replaced and where is the part available?

This cable is not generally sold as a separate unit. Check with a Renault dealer to see if it is available. If not, the handbrake control unit will have to be replaced. It is a good idea to retain to old unit so that it can be cannibalized for spares in future, if required.

What could cause the handbrake, stop lights and speedometer on a Renault Megane Classic to keep cutting on and off and for the dashboard lights to flicker?

Case Details: A local shop tried to do a scan but could not get any readings.

A local shop will probably be using a generic scan tool. These will not be able to communicate with the Renault systems correctly which could be why no faults were found. Check all the earths and fuses for loose or damaged connections and repair as required. If the problem remains, the ignition switch or the dash cluster may be faulty. An ignition switch issue is the more likely. A scan with a Renault scan tool will confirm where the problem is.

What could be the reason for the indicator lights on a Renault Clio to stop working when the handbrake is on?

Case Details: They start working again as soon as the handbrake is released.

This kind of problem usually occurs when one of the rear light bulbs has been replaced with a bulb of the wrong type or by loose or corroded terminals in the multi plug at the rear of the bulb holders. Pull the multi plugs from the rear of the bulb holders and clean the pins and terminals with emery paper and then spray them with penetrating oil. Clean any signs of corrosion on the bulb holders. Once this is done, check that the correct bulbs are fitted. Compare the number of terminal on the bulb with the number in the base of the bulb holder. If they do not match, the wrong bulb has been used and it should be replaced.

What could cause the handbrake on a 2007 Renault Espace to suddenly stop working and for a handbrake failure message to appear and will this require major repairs?

The most common reason for handbrake failure on this model is that the actuators at the wheels have seized due to humidity or dirt buildup. Removing the wheels and cleaning and greasing all the brake components will often rectify the problem. All the wiring should also be checked for damage or loose contacts and repaired as required. If the problem remains the main actuator unit (the one that has the control module and the hydraulic actuator) that is located between the rear wheels may be faulty. If so, it will have to be replaced.

Driving with a faulty handbrake is very unsafe. When these problems do arise, the complexity of the Renault handbrake system can make repairs complicated. The best way to ensure that the correct repairs are done so that safety is not compromised is to obtain the recommendations of verified mechanical Experts on what needs to be done. Experts are available online, at times of your choice, to give you clear guided answers to you questions.

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