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Employee Handbook Laws and Policies

What is an employee handbook?

Employee handbook policies are written guidelines made to ensure safety and conduct in the workplace. There are many issues that can arise when dealing with employee handbook laws and people are often unaware of and can be very challenging for not only the employees but the employers as well.

Employee handbook questions are some of the most frequently asked questions online. Hiring a attorney to ask specific questions can be very expensive and very time consuming especially if you do not know what exactly what or who to ask. People can look for help from the Experts on JustAnswer to get their employee handbook law related questions answered. By asking an Expert, you can get fast and affordable answers to any questions you may have about employee handbook laws and policies.

Is it legal for an employer to not give holiday pay if the holiday falls on a weekend which was not worked but in fact worked the day before?

As long as no laws are being violated the employer has the right to make any terms and conditions they wish. Private employers are not required by law to provide any paid holidays.

In the state of Georgia is it legal for a employer to not pay for unused sick leave if the employee handbook says nothing about it?

In any state the court would not order an employer to pay for any amount of unused sick leave time because the sick time is not considered as earned wages.

Is it legal for a company if stated in the company’s employee handbook that fulltime employees will be paid for holidays to not pay the holiday pay?

If the employee handbook states that employees will get holiday pay they may file a civil suit stating the handbook is a contract and the company is in breach, but the government does not regulate holidays or if the employer has to pay for them.

Is it legal for an employer to impose forfeit of commissions for violations of dress code, tardiness and lack of area cleanliness while writing an employee handbook?

The employer may include the forfeit of commission’s clause as long as it is done reasonably and prospectively and without discrimination also the employees must be notified of the clause.

Can a employee fight not being paid for work performed if the employee handbook states that they can return to work as long as they register a .02 BAC (blood alcohol content) and had a .012 BAC?

The employee can’t fight the employer about returning to work because the employer had a reasonable suspicion of the employee being intoxicated. But the employee can fight the worked performed pay being forfeited because by law an employee must be paid for time they actually worked.

Employee handbooks rules are written to provide employees knowledge of company safety and the rules to which employees are required to follow. Employee handbook laws differ from state to state and many people are unsure of who to ask or where to turn with their questions about employee handbooks. If you have questions about employee handbook law you could ask an Expert for fast and affordable legal insight.
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