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Halitosis in Dogs

What is halitosis in dogs?

Halitosis is another medical word for someone to describe a bad odor that comes from the mouth and in return causing bad breath. There are a number of different reasons for halitosis to occur, and in most cases it is periodontal disease that is caused from bacteria in the mouth. In some situations smaller dogs that have short noses and flat faces such as Pugs, Boston Terriers and Pekingese dogs are more prone to developing periodontal, halitosis and other mouth infections.

What are the halitosis symptoms?

In some situations, a dog may not experience any symptoms of halitosis besides a foul odor coming from the dog’s mouth. In the cause the bad breath is caused from a disease, other symptoms may show up such as pawing at the mouth, trouble breathing, loose teeth, and lots of drooling. Halitosis may often cause many questions regarding the side effects, treatments and causes. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding halitosis in dogs.

What could be the cause of a dog having halitosis and a loss of appetite?

In the case a dog has halitosis as well as a lower appetite, in some cases, this may be caused from some sort of kidney problems. Often when a dog is experiencing kidney issues, this may often cause the dog to have a lower appetite as well as experience weight loss. Also, there are causes of excessive buildup of uremic acids that may also cause bad breath in dogs. However, there are some cases where an infected tooth may also cause halitosis

What could be the cause of a dog having bad breath?

In some cases of a dog having bad breath, this may often be halitosis due to bacteria that is forming in the dog’s mouth. Bad breath may also be caused from gingivitis, an abscess tooth or some other infection. In some cases, the individual may need to have the dog seen by a vet in order to have a physical exam, oral exam and lab work ran in order to find out the exact cause. However, if treatment is prescribed, and this is not helping, then keeping up on good oral hygiene is the best solution.

What can be done for a 5 month old puppy with halitosis?

When a five month old puppy is having problems with bad breath, this may often be related to inflammation in the dog’s mouth as the dog is losing their baby teeth and growing in their adult teeth. Also, sometimes, the dog may have a retained tooth that is erupting the adult teeth as well as food may get caught and in return causing bad breath. In most cases, bad breath may be helped by brushing the teeth as well as gums. It may also be possible that the dog is experiencing oral lesions in their mouth. It may be advised that the dog be seen by a vet.

Bad breath or halitosis may often be bothersome and may even have many causes as well as treatments. When an individual has noticed halitosis, individuals may begin to wonder the exact causes and what treatment may be more effective than others. For more information pertaining to halitosis in dogs, individuals may contact an Expert.
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