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Gum Pain Treatment

Have you ever tried to open your mouth and see what is causing one to experience gum or tooth pain? Without the proper tools this can be impossible. In that gum pain causes can stem from root issues to periodontal disease, tooth decay and many other contributing factors, it may be necessary to get an evaluation and diagnosis in offering a treatment plan from a dental Expert. Read below to find more answers given by the Experts on gum pain.

Can an old root canal suddenly start to cause gum pain?

In an uncompleted root canal treatment one may experience gum pain. In search of a diagnosis for one’s gum pain cause, periodontics may offer x-rays to determine the underlying cause and development of an aged root canal process. Each tooth may have several canals and if not treated properly a missed canal may experience problems, in time this might require gum pain treatment or additional root canal therapy.

In waiting for a time to get in for a surgical procedure, is there a gum pain treatment one can try for relief of discomfort and headaches associated with the gum pain cause?

A dentist or dental surgeon may offer topical creams and medications along with anti-inflammatory medications as a temporary gum pain treatment. Use of a soft bristle tooth brush and rinsing with warm salt water may also offer relief of one’s gum pain cause until further treatment can be applied.

While eating severe gum pain is triggered in the location of an extracted tooth, other dentists have found no gum pain causes related to the symptoms. What could be causing this pain?

Many diseases may not respond to various treatments of antibiotics and steroids, or therapy that may be offered. In that most dental schools stay proactive in the development and research of oral disease and care one may consider a complete follow up in finding a diagnosis and treatment of one’s gum pain cause.

What are other gum pain remedies when a recommended gum pain treatment by a dentist does not work?

Sometimes food can get lodged in between the teeth and gum that can cause extreme gum pain. One may first try flossing and rinsing with additional brushing offered to the gum area in question. In research of one’s gum pain cause, a dentist could offer x-rays and a more thorough examination of the area of one’s gum pain. There may be over the counter medications that would aide in the relief as a temporary gum pain treatment until additional research can be conducted.

After visiting with a dentist in regards to symptoms that include lower jaw gum pain, a mouth guard was made but offered little relief. In search for a diagnosis of my gum pain cause could this be related to my TMJ?

A complete knowledge of all symptoms related may give a diagnosis of one’s gum pain cause. TMJ (Tempormandibular Joint) can have symptoms involving gum pain but more directed to the nerves related in the jaw motion. There may be medications used in cases of TMJ that can offer relief of one’s symptoms. One may want to eliminate other gum pain causes by having an Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor examine any gum pain causes associated with ENT issues.

Gum pain can be associated with many dental aspects and may even be a symptom related to facial pain and disorder. One that suffers from TMJ may need additional treatment for symptoms related to a gum pain treatment. Root canals that may have been improperly repaired or left unfinished may later contribute to one’s gum pain cause. A proper diagnosis is necessary in the offering of treatment for one’s gum pain cause. An Expert may offer suggestions of gum pain treatments that will subsides ones discomfort until a gum pain cause can be determined.
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