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Bird Grooming Questions

Bird grooming, also known as preening is the act of cleaning the feathers or body with the beak or bill. Grooming can also mean the care of the feet, beak or even the claws of the bird. Grooming is a way to keep the bird clean and free of any health conditions. When a person owns a bird, questions regarding proper grooming may arise. Below are some questions concerning bird grooming that are answered by an Expert.

Why would a bird be over grooming itself and what can be done to treat this?

Over grooming in a bird may be caused because of a medical issue. Some birds may suffer from parasites like Giardia that cause itching and over grooming. These birds may need to be checked by a vet to see if the parasites are the cause. If the parasites are found to be the cause, they may be treated with medications like Rondiazole. The cage may also be disinfected and new perches may be added to it.

If a bird has bald spots from over grooming, can the treatments for parasites cause this and how can it be treated?

Treatment for parasites may sometimes cause over grooming in birds to the point that they may be losing their feathers in some places. In some cases, the behavior may be caused because of rodents around the birds. These rodents may physically stress the birds out or bite them leading to such behavior. The owner may need to take the help of a vet to treat the birds and remove them from the cage and place them in an aquarium, box or carrier to finish treatment. The birds may not be force fed food and water. The owner may however offer them warm cooked rice, pancakes, cornbread, grapes, melons and greens along with their regular food.

Can grooming kill a bird? What could cause a bird to die during grooming?

In most cases, a bird may not die from grooming. If the bird died during grooming, it may be caused from another serious medical issue that the bird was having like obesity, heart disease or weakness. The bird may also have died from improper restraint during the grooming process, if a human was grooming it. In most cases, the bird should have a medical exam before the human tried to groom it in any way. This will rule out any medical causes if the bird were to die.

Should an owner take a bird with a long beak to the vet to have the beak groomed and why?

When a bird has an extremely long beak, it may be from the owner not grooming or having the beak groomed on a regular basis. In most cases, the owner may need to take the bird to the vet to have the beak groomed back. The vet may be able to trim the beak without any kind of damage to the bird, since there is a main vein in the beak that could cause the bird to bleed to death.

When a bird has parasites, feather issues, or needs their wings, beaks, or nails trimmed, this is considered to be bird grooming. The act of grooming helps to maintain the overall health and look of the bird. When it comes to grooming, an owner may have questions regarding how, why, and dangers of grooming. When these questions need answers to better inform the owner, he/she may want to ask an Expert.

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