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Grinder Problems

Grinders are a kitchen appliance meant for grinding, fine mixing or mincing of meat, vegetables, coffee, and other food stuff. This appliance replaces a mincing knife where applicable and makes processing of food easier and faster. Though grinders could be used to grind different types of food, their components and functioning are quite similar. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on grinders.

Does a Draper wet and dry bench grinder’s stone require coolant or water?

In most cases, wet stone grinders should be cooled with water. Coolant is not necessary. The key is to ensure the wheel has a continuous flow of water over it. To do this, you can place the bottom in a water basin or use a water tube attached to a pump allowing water to flow over the grinding stone.

Why did a Hitachi disc grinder suddenly stop working? What should an individual do to fix it?

This could be a case of an issue with the brushes which is a common problem with grinders. Check for two black plastic plugs on either side of the motor. Remove plug #50 using a screwdriver. Carefully remove the brushes #49 from it. What you can try now is to flip the brush over and re-install. This could fix the problem. If the grinder does not work after doing this, the brushes could be broken or worn out. Usually these grinders will have another set of brushes. Install them and re-check. If you have no response after this change, the issue could be a short circuited on/off switch or a burnt out armature.

Why has the in-built grinder stopped working on a coffee grinder?

There is a possibility that the beans are clogging the plastic chute between the brew unit and the grinder. In order to check this, you will need to remove the grinder component from the top. Gaining access to the grinder is a little tricky. You need to remove the top panel and take out the bean container. Next remove the big plastic panel the bean container slides into. The grinder is held in place with three screws or sometimes three rubber tabs. Use some force and pull it, it should come off. Once you have removed the grinder, there is a chute at the center of the unit where the clog could have occurred. In case there is no clog, you may need to replace the grinder which can cost approximately $400.

Why has a Bunn coffee grinder stopped working though it is plugged in and switched on?

When you turn on the coffee grinder and hear no sound such as a buzzing noise you may need to trace the power line for any voltage. This is done using a voltmeter or OHMS meter. If there is electrical malfunction, there is no fuse or a reset option on this model of coffee grinder. If you are uncomfortable handling a voltmeter, you could take the grinder to a local coffee supply company who would have a service department that could check it and fix it for you.

Grinders are of many types and sizes. While some may be used to grind coffee beans others could be to process meat. Either way their fundamental functioning would be similar. The main component of these grinders is the grinding unit itself which at many instances is the most expensive part too. Sometimes it can be fixed by a layman who is handy and can understand the mechanics behind it and at other times, a professional may be required. Sometimes with these small appliances, replacement works out cheaper than repair. To get a fair idea regarding the grinder issues faced by you, Experts can provide information and possible solutions to problems when dealing with grinders.
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