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Grill Problems and Troubleshooting

A grill is basically cooking equipment where the surface is usually an open rack or grate with a heat source from below. Based on the type of grill the heat may be produced from either an open flame (from a gas or charcoal) or it could be an electric grill. Usually the type of food cooked over a grill is meat, poultry and vegetable. These grills are made for convenience and for the pleasure of cooking on an open flame for the variation and taste in cooking. Read below where Experts have answered many questions pertaining to grill problems.

On a Garland grill if an individual lights the pilot light, why does this go off as soon as the individual releases the red button?

The method by which the pilot light remains lit is if the thermocouple (a sensor with a long wire attached to it) is sufficiently heated and this happens if it is touching the flame. Inspect the pilot light and check for a small sensing bulb which touches the flame. Use sand paper and clean it until it is clear and shiny. Retry the pilot light on your grill to see if the burner remains lit. If it does not, the thermocouple will need to be replaced.

What could be the cause of an igniter on a Jenn-air gas grill to not work?

If your gas grill is not sparking to light the gas, the spark module could be faulty and you may need to replace it. The spark module’s appearance is similar to a small box with five to six wires plugged into it. It is installed in place with the support of two screws. You can get it from a local Jenn-air parts dealer or contact the company with the model number and they will ship it to you.

What could cause a countertop GE microwave grill to stop working when an individual was using the grill function?

It is quite common for the control board or thermostat to short circuit while using the grill function. Another possibility is a blown fuse which can cut the power to the entire machine. You will need a meter or a 20 amp microwave fuse to perform some checks. Unplug the machine and remove all the screws from the exterior cover at the top back and side of the microwave. Look for a small board above the fan. There should be a thin bus fuse on the board. The fuse is removable from its holder. Test the fuse for continuity using the meter. If it has no continuity, replace the fuse. Another option if you don’t have a meter could be to install the 20 amp fuse and run the machine without the cover after securing any loose wires. If it works, the issue is a fuse which is a $2 fix. If it does not work the control board could be faulty. The control board is the main component which controls operations such as heat, light and turntable. Replacing it can cost over $185.

Only the first burner of my outdoor barbeque grill is lighting. The other burner’s flame is too low to use. What can I do?

The gas pressure exiting the regulator can be checked but you require a water column test since you should be getting about 7 water columns (w.c.) or more of propane from the regulator. Another thing to check would be if the burner continues to have a good flame when all the other burners are lit or the flame is good only when it is on by itself. This way you can determine that if the flame drops it is probably a faulty regulator or if it does not, there could be a blockage in the burner tubes. To address the blockage you could clear out the burner holes if they are clogged. You could also try drilling a slightly larger orifice if you prefer a bigger flame.

My Jenn-air grill is receiving insufficient gas to light. I have cleaned the burners. What are the troubleshooting steps?

Sometimes the soft copper pipe gas lines connected to an appliance can deteriorate easily and accumulate residue in the inlet screen of the regulator. An extreme kink or bend in the gas line can result in low gas despite accurate pressure. If you have other gas appliances in your home, check if they are facing low pressure problems. You could also try hooking it up to the same gas line to check the line. If all this checks fine, the problem could lie with the gas regulator of the grill and may need to be replaced.

Grills are a unique option for those who love cooking or grilling of meat for varying flavor and textures. The modern machines come with the entire range of options which provide this exciting grilling option along with your other basic functions of cook tops and ovens. Ascertaining the problem the problem lies with the grill or the grill function may not be easy for an inexperienced user. Hence whether it is grill repair or grill replacement you can seek the answers and information from Experts to take your through the process.
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