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Consumer Grievance Questions

Consumer grievance is the dissatisfaction on a consumer’s behalf to a company or business. Consumer complaints are complaints aimed to address a company or public service provider.

If someone is having issues with their attorney, where can they file consumer grievances?

If there is a major issue with an attorney a person is allowed to file a grievance against them with the state bar. Here is the state bar's website on client protection.

This is where information is located in to order to start the process of filing the grievance against the attorney and seek to get money that was paid reimbursed.

How would one file an ethics complaint against attorney that illegally took money from lien on house in divorce after house was supposed to be delivered free & clear to spouse? If that attorney has several offices, should the report be filed to several counties? Also, is it best to file with the county where the lien had been put on?

The grievance form must be in writing and filing with the secretary of the district ethics committee for the district in which the lawyer has his or her main law office. It is not recommended to send to several counties, it is specified that it should be filed with the lawyer's main office; which may be different than the one where the lien was filed. If it is not clear as to which one that is, then that person should call one of the offices and just inquire of the receptionist that answers which office acts as their main one.

What is the best way to file a grievance against an attorney in CA whom one feels was dishonest by putting pressure on a potential client to retain him, knowing that a public defender would have been sufficient?

The person can contact the CA Attorney Grievance Commission if that person feels there was unethical behavior. If that person is trying to negotiate and work things out with the attorney; the person might think about first, writing the attorney a letter and stating why it is believed that they deserve all the money refunded. Write as to why the client is preparing to file a complaint against them. Send the letter certified with a return receipt requested so the client can show them that efforts has been made to get this resolved before filing a complaint. The person is also allowed to request "fee arbitration" and can contact the CA State Bar Fee Arbitration office.

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