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Griddle Related Questions

A griddle is a cooking device consisting of a broad flat surface which is heated for cooking a variety of food using different techniques and operations. Most household griddles are made from cast or wrought iron, aluminum or carbon steel. There are different varieties of griddles available where the heat application can be direct or indirect. The two main types of griddles are electric griddles which heat through supply of electricity and gas griddles which are heated by open flames. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts regarding griddles.

Is it possible to use a Kitchenaid double burner flat griddle hard anodized nonstick on a Maytag flattop stove?

In many cases this can be possible, this is because your hard anodized griddles are designed to be used on such surfaces and it should be fine to use on your Maytag flattop stove. Sometimes a “bridge” may be present on the stoves. This is essentially an element between the front and back elements so that a big oval shape element is made. In case there is no bridge the griddle may not heat evenly but can still be used.

Can I replace the griddle on a Wolf four burner stove with a grill?

It is possible to replace the griddle with a grill but it may not be a feasible option. These units are designed and customized to fit either a griddle or grill. In order to accomplish this change you need grill parts, a new gas valve and a new manifold. The cost of these components and the labor could work out more expensive than opting for a new unit itself. The estimate of charges is approximately $2000.

Why is a GE Monogram stove top griddle not working?

This is most probably a case of failed igniters. This is a fairly common failure which can be easily diagnosed. First you would need to access the igniter and test if it is receiving 120 volts when the knob is turned on. You could opt for a non-contact voltage tester to conduct this test without having to dismantle the unit too much. If there is voltage in the igniter but it does not glow, then the igniter is faulty. If it does glow, the igniter still requires 3.2 amps to open for safety reasons. Hence the igniter may be too weak to keep the gas valve open to light the griddle. If you are handy you can cut the two wires of the igniter and merge the new wires using two ceramic wire nuts which usually come along with the igniter.

The electric ignition does not light on a Thermador griddle. What is the problem and repair cost?

If your griddle is a spark igniter type it could be a problem with either the spark module or the spark tip being faulty. Try interchanging one of the spark tips of the griddle with the other to rule out any spark tip issue. If there is no change, the spark module needs to be replaced and it could cost approximately $250. A spark tip replacement including trip and labor could be $125.

A Viking range top with griddle does not heat sufficiently to cook what I would like to. What can I do to get it to work properly?

The most probable reason for your griddle not reaching the desired temperature could be due to a faulty thermostat which is cutting off the heat to the griddle too early. To check the thermostat, turn the knob and check when the red light comes on. Ideally the light should come on immediately when you start to turn the knob. If it remains off even at 150 to 200 degrees it is an obvious proof the griddle thermostat is defective and needs to be replaced. To replace the thermostats, unplug the oven, remove all the knobs and screws at the front panel including the ones behind the knobs. The griddle will pull out and off but it is very heavy so you will need to be careful. Once removed, pull out the thermostat bulb replace it with a new one.

Griddles are useful for cooking different variety of food which requires a flat surface to heat or cook. Though these appliances are more common in commercial settings, a griddle as part of your range is a familiar feature in today’s appliances. Many people tend to use this element less frequently or probably during the holidays. Hence when you face issues with your griddle you may be unsure where to start and what to look for. This is where seeking information and assistance of Experts will help you understand your problem better and arrive at a solution effectively and reasonably.
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