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Chrysler Grand Voyager Troubleshooting

Is the blower motor on your Chrysler Grand Voyager not working? Does your Grand Voyager engine overheat though you’ve replaced all major cooling system parts? The Chrysler Grand Voyager is a robust vehicle but the occasional problem does arise. If you have a problem and need help to troubleshoot it your best bet is to ask an online Expert.

Read below how Experts have answered questions related to some common Chrysler Grand Voyager problems.

How to fix the blower of a Chrysler Grand Voyager which does not work at any speed and the recirculation and A/C buttons flash?

Multiple factors can prevent a blower motor from working; some of them being a fault in the wiring or a bad blower motor relay or control head. With these symptoms, however, it is more likely to be a faulty blower motor or resistor, or even a connection to the resistor. Sometimes the fault may be visually identifiable otherwise some extensive electrical testing will need to be done. Start by turning on the ignition and blower motor and wiggle the connection. If the motor seems to try to start then the fault is with the resistor or connector but both should be replaced. A coil on the resistor could have broken because of corrosion, or failed from heat damage.

Is a replacement transmission solenoid pack, which looks different from the original, suitable for a Chrysler Grand Voyager?

There are some differences between the old and new but the replacement is the updated version which will work. Here’s how it needs to be installed. The steel plate between the pack and transmission case is no longer needed and can be discarded. The same applies to the noise reduction cover. All that needs to be done is to install the solenoid pack directly on the transmission case using the new gasket. The new packs are far quieter than the old making any additional noise reduction feature redundant.

How to reset the alarm and restore the lock/unlock feature on a Grand Voyager key fob?

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery cable for about two minutes then reconnect it. If this does not work then the Body Control Module (BCM) is probably faulty and will need to be checked.

What does white smoke, vapor and a strong smell of fuel from a Chrysler Grand Voyager exhaust indicate?

These are typical symptoms of one or more fuel injectors stuck in the open position, and obviously delivering a continuous flow of fuel which does not fully combust. The solution is to determine the fault codes stored as there could be several reasons for an open injector. The problem could be mechanical, but is more often electrical like a short to ground on the control circuit.

Why does a Grand Voyager overheat though the water pump, thermostat and radiator cap have been replaced and there is no coolant loss?

Clearly there is a blockage somewhere preventing free flow of coolant. Most often it is the radiator which gets clogged. Check if there are any cold spots around the core of the engine when it is heated, which is a sure sign of blockage. The other option is to have the radiator checked at a radiator shop. Once the blockage is identified and cleared check the integrity of the engine just in case the head or gaskets have been damaged. This can be done by checking the cooling system for exhaust gases, a telltale sign of a problem.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Grand Voyager where the oil light comes on after the oil and filter were replaced?

An oil pressure test needs to be done which will indicate if there is a problem and where it is likely to be. In the worst instance the sump might need to be dropped to check for sludge accumulation which can cause the pressure to drop. Another distinct possibility is a failing oil pump unable to deliver the needed pressure. If the oil pressure is within permissible limits then there could be a problem between the sensor and dashboard warning light probably due to a wiring fault.

Sometimes an issue a Chrysler Grand Voyager might be caused by something quite obscure and unrelated to what you’d expect. This is where an Expert, backed by years of hands on experience, helps. With a vast storehouse of knowledge Experts provide solutions to the most incomprehensible problems. If you have an issue and cannot find a solution, asking an online Expert would be the way to go.

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