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Ford Granada Troubleshooting

Is it possible to verify the mileage clocked on a 1977 Ford Granada? Or, do you want help troubleshooting parts repairs and replacements? The Ford Granada, typically, requires to be maintained well in order to be in good driving condition for current times. Sometimes, if problems or issues arise, there may be difficulty in obtaining parts or locating reliable repairmen. In such scenarios, it would be ideal to contact Experts online to troubleshoot and gain important insights.

Read below where automobile experts have answered a few questions for Ford owners.

How is the spacer taken off while removing the water pump on a 1979 Ford Granada?

If this is the spacer that is found behind the fan on the pulley, the four bolts should be taken off first. This allows the spacer to turn and simply pop out. If it is not coming out, it is most likely stuck. Therefore, using a small hammer gently tap it until it comes off easily. After this, the pulley would slide out too as it is the spacer which holds it in position. If the shaft of the water pump has a slight burr or an indentation, knock it firmly for it to come off.

Is there a way to verify whether the 2,065 miles on a 1977 Ford Granada is accurate?

Since there may not be a paper trail or complete service records for a Granada of this age, most of the checks need to be carried out visually. One of the main ways to determine the accuracy of the miles on this Ford is by using dipsticks and inspection. Begin with the brake pedal pad and gas pedal, checking it for wear or depreciation. The PCV valve should be pulled and inspected for any accumulation of varnish. You also need to ensure that all the belts and hoses present in the car are original parts.

What can be done about a 1982 Ford Granada losing power, sputtering and shutting down within a short period?

The first thing would be to start checking the fuel pressure and ensure it is between 5-7 PSI. If this is fine, the fuel filter should be examined to check if it is clear and free from debris. If the problem persists after these checks, there may be a need to overhaul the carburetor as it could have developed a restriction within the cruise circuit and one of the only ways to clear this would be to rebuild the carburetor.

Why is the transmission on a 1977 Ford Granada working in second gear but does not shift to a higher gear until the speed is 45 or more?

Basically, the transmission is controlled by a vacuum signal from the engine. If this signal is missing, the transmission shifts in a manner similar to the accelerator pedal being pushed in completely. With this problem, the transmission is likely to be engaging harshly from neutral as well.  

What could cause the 1979 Ford Granada to experience low power, unable to drive uphill or move faster?

Most likely, the catalytic converter could be the cause of the problem here. These components are notorious for getting restricted leading to loss of power. To test this, the Granada should be taken to a local repair or exhaust/muffler shop. Apart from this, there may be a need for some carburetor repair or rebuilding which needs to be carried out because it is possible that the carburetor is contributing to the failure of the converter. Another thing which can improve speed and provide power is to check the timing setting and advance it a little (five degrees above the specification). This can make a key difference especially at higher altitudes.

Classic cars such as the Ford Granada are popular or common even now and there are many others who use it or have questions about it.  As seen above, knowledgeable Experts have been able to provide customized answers for these car owners. This makes the task of troubleshooting and dealing with problems easier and quicker. If you are a Granada owner and have a specific question, contact Experts online. You can get expertise and guidance from the comfort of your home, without the need to run pillar to post, searching for experienced or worthy repairpersons and auto shops.

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