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Cell Phone GPS Questions

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, has become a common feature on many cell phones today. Once a phone has a GPS receiver embedded in it, along with a mapping service, it’s easy to enable features such as real-time position tracking and text- and voice-guided directions. While some phones need users to subscribe to a location-based service to enable some of these features, certain phone companies offer this service free of cost. As is the case with any technology, users may have questions about using GPS enabled phones. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on this topic.

What can be done with an LG P990 that is having trouble using GPS since it can’t use it without a Wi-Fi or GSM?

It’s possible that the phone settings are not enabled to connect with the GPS Satellite. Go to the “Settings” and choose “Location and Security”. Once this is done, enable “Use GPA Satellite”. If this doesn’t work, it could indicate that the file in the phone’s GPS Radio has been corrupted and it may need a full reset to sort out the issue. Alternatively, the phone could have a hardware error that is preventing the GPA radio from connecting with the Satellite. If this is the problem, the phone may need to be replaced.

Can GPS be used to locate a lost Pantech phone (model – p2000)?

This may be a problem since this GPS enabled phone doesn’t have location services that can help in determining its location if it goes missing.

Does an Apple store need to resolve the issue when a Gold GPS Application was downloaded on a 3G iPhone and the technical support team says that it doesn’t have a proper GPS signal on the phone and may need a GPS chip?

Since this phone doesn’t come with internal GPS, it may not be possible to get it "added" on. In other words, GPS can’t be enabled with the help of software since the phone needs to have a GPS radio component to begin with. Upgrading to a 3GS or an iPhone 4 may be a better option instead.

Can an iPhone 4 GPS application work even if the iPhone doesn’t have a cell service?

Only the support of a network connection is required to get GPS to work on this model. In the absence of “cell service”, GPS can function with Wi-Fi alone. However, in the absence of both Wi-Fi and loss of connectivity to an EDGE or 3G network, GPS may fail to function.

Is there a way in which the built-in GPS on a LG GC900 can be used without having to connect to the internet?

This phone model functions with A-GPS (Assisted GPS) using Google Maps. This essentially means that GPS can’t function without data services since it relies on the data network in order to pinpoint a location. A Google map does require the use of the internet; using GPS in this situation doesn’t seem likely. GPS enabled cell phones have multiple advantages. However, it can be frustrating when things go wrong. While a few issues related to GPS enabled cell phones are listed above, there could be other problems that relate to each case. Direct these questions to the Cell Phone Technicians now for professional insights and opinions to help, at an affordable cost.
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