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Goodman Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Heat pumps are HVAC devices which are used for space heating or cooling. A heat pump operates basically in the manner that refrigeration devices work, only in the opposite direction. Many times when there are heat pump problems, a person may have questions and need answers from Experts. Here are some frequently asked questions answered by Experts on Goodman Heat Pump Troubleshooting.

What could cause a musty odor only during the defrosting mode on a one year old Goodman Electric heat pump (package unit)?

  This does happen with some coils. The coil becomes hot and dry during the heating process. Later when the pump goes into defrost, the refrigerant reverses direction and gets into cooling mode. During this process, the electric strip is triggered thereby warming the cold air. However, this process makes the coil “sweat”, resulting in residue and bacteria growing inside of it, which was formed when the coil was wet during the air conditioning process. This is what makes it emanate a foul smell. Many times using a UV light focused on the coil will cleanse it from bacteria. But if the foul smell persists even after several cleaning cycles and using the UV light, the best solution would be to have the coil replaced.

If the temp on a Goodman Heat Pump Model CPKE30-1B with a 32-08A 7.3kw auxiliary heater is not able to maintain temperature above 64 degrees Fahrenheit without the aid of the auxiliary heater, what could be needed ?

Installing a Goodman 10k heater with an outdoor thermostat and split the two into 5k heaters. However, Goodman also has an outdoor thermostat kit that will engage the W wire from outside if the temperature is below the balance point of 30F. Installing a digital thermostat which has a lower set point option between heat pump and auxiliary heat and which can be adjusted between economy and comfort modes is also helpful. Any of the following models will be suitable for these needs - Honeywell Focus Pro 5000 for non programmable, Focus Pro 6000 for programmable, or a Focus Pro 8000 touch screen if you would like to upgrade to the maximum.

If a heat pump condenser needs replaced on a Goodman Heat Pump what would be the optimum Goodman condenser unit to go along with the existing air handler?

Case details: 5 ton Heat Pump model CPKE60-18; Air handler model A60-10REVB Many times it is recommended to try a "dry" charged R22 13 seer units and Goodman’s GSH13060 which comes with nitrogen in it will first have to be removed, the system evacuated and filled with R22. It is also recommended to also need to purchase a TXV valve in order to get the air handler close to the 13seer range.

What could be the problem if a 3.5 ton unit, Model CPLT24-1B R22 Goodman Heat pump System does not cool after replacing the capacitor

There may be a problem with the compressor or there could be faulty valves or a defective reversing valve which gets stuck in mid-position. If this is the case a new compressor will be needed.

What could the problem be if the outside unit of a Goodman Heat Pump is freezing up on the coils even after adding 2.5pounds of Freon 6 months ago?

It is possible that the defrost sensor has a problem. All heat pumps also have defrost test pins on the control board. To check this you need to open up the panel where you see the electrical wires going into the outdoor unit. With the help of a screwdriver jump the pins, which will send the unit into defrost. If there was indeed 2.5 pounds of refrigerant put into the system, it definitely looks like there is a bad leak somewhere. You would need the help of a qualified technician to rectify the problem of a possible leak. If you run into problems with your Goodman Heat Pump, asking an Expert troubleshooting questions is better than trying to fix the problem yourself. You may also clarify any doubts you may have as Experts are available to help and can often save time and money.
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