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Good Conduct Medal Regulation

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What are Good Conduct Medals?

Good Conduct Medals are some of the oldest medals given by the United States Military. The long service and good conduct medal is awarded to those who are active duty and have completed three years of service in a row with zero disciplinary infractions. During war time this time is reduced to one year of continuous service without having any type of legal trouble.

There are many questions that may come up when dealing with the Good Conduct Medal regulations. Read below where Experts have answered commonly asked questions on the subject.

Can an Army Veteran with 6yrs of service petition for a good conduct medal and have their Military record corrected if they didn't receive the medal upon separation of service?

If a person has served three or more years of active duty and didn't received any judicial punishment the person rates Army Good Conduct Medal and should write the Army board of records correction and they will pull your record.

Does a Good Conduct Medal help when trying to get a General Discharge changed to an Honorable Discharge when the persons only incident was a failed drug test in four years of service?

A Good Conduct Medal probably will not help. Anyone that has served a three year period with no legal problem will automatically receive the award. The only way to fight to have a General Discharge changed to an Honorable Discharge is to have served for six years then the person is entitled to a board hearing.

Should a person file a complaint with the Army Inspector General if they are being denied their Good Conduct Medal on the grounds of refusal to re-enlist because they were being harassed?

If a person is being harassed into re-enlisting they have the right to file a complaint with the Army AG, along with the persons congressman and with two senators for the fact that they would like to a full investigation into the re-enlisting techniques that they are using.

Would a Marine that served two years in the 1960's with good conduct medal that was discharged other than an Honorable Discharge for having a homosexual relations have any chance of getting a review board discharge upgrade to honorable due to recent law changes?

The person would have to show that there was an injustice at the time the discharge was made. The present law doesn't change the fact that the actions were illegal then.

How would a person go about getting their Good Conduct Award and the Award for Army Achievement after serving three and a half years with the US Navy and separated HM2 (E5) during Vietnam?

If a person trying to get their Good Conduct and other awards would have to file with the Board of Corrections for Naval Records (BCNR) and the person would have to complete the DD149 form and submit it to the BCNR.

A Good Conduct Medal is a medal awarded for 3 years of service without any legal implications. Many questions arise when dealing with long service and good conduct medal regulations especially when one does not receive the medal they feel is due to them. Often when faced with these questions people are not aware of who to turn to for answers. The Experts are there to provide you with fast and affordable answers to many of your good conduct medal questions.
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