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GOMOR Questions

What is GOMOR

According to Wikipedia, A letter of reprimand is a United States Department of Defense procedure involving a letter to an employee or soldier from his or her superior that details the wrongful actions of the person and the punishment that can be expected. A Formal Letter of Reprimand is one in which a copy of the letter is kept on record.

In military contexts, a formal letter of reprimand can be career ending, even without prescribed punishments, because it makes it difficult to secure advancements in rank or to enjoy the respect of one's peers. Being issued A GOMOR (General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand) can be devastating to ones military career. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding GOMOR issues.

If someone got a GOMOR for driving under the influence and then was reduced to reckless driving what are the effects of the GOMOR on someone career?

A General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand will be viewable for all future promotion boards. This can in fact have an effect on the person’s ability to continue to be promoted. Is this serious? This will all depend on if they have a record it can be possible to continue to be promoted, but they will need to stand out to overcome the mark on their record.

Can a GOMOR in iPerms be removed in result of absence of written counseling statements?

There is no set requirement of written counseling previous to a GOMOR; a GOMOR is an official written counseling. There is no such requirement that counseling continue it. Ask the Military Lawyers for more legal answers and insight relating to General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand.

If someone has received a GOMOR relating to absent without leave how can they schedule a court marital?

There is no way to force this to go to the court marital; also there is no way to force the Commander to send this to an Article 32 that is required before a General Court Martial. Although, they can make this request, it is the Commander that will have to award it. It takes a great deal of time and money to run a General Court Martial. If the Commander has decided that a GOMOR was the proper forum, then it will not be likely to move this to court martial. With that being said, they can file a request with the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR). If they can show the Army board that the GOMAR is not valid, then they can pull it from the persons Official Military Personnel File (OPMF).

Is a GOMOR required for someone who has a driving under the influence even though they are in the reserves? Who writes the GOMOR, and how can they get someone to write or sign a GOMOR?

There is no rule that requires a GOMOR, but the General Officer over the solider can write a GOMOR if they chose to. The GOMOR is signed by the General, as for the one who writes a GOMOR, which is left up to the General as well. It can be the Staff Judge Advocate (SJY) or the Adjutant. In most cases it will not be left up to the subordinate commander to write the GOMOR. If someone wants the General to issue a GOMOR, they first must request this with the General.

How likely is it for someone to get a GOMOR removed under false accusations of adultery?

He/she is allowed to file a rebuttal to their GOMOR. Once they have received a GOMOR they will need to request that it be filed locally. This simply means that when they leave for their next assignment that the GOMOR will not be on their record. Once the rebuttal is in place the Legal Assistance will review the arrangement and matter of their rebuttal, as well as any questions and answers.

As for an appeal, if the letter was issued and not maintained locally, then they may be able to appeal. This procedure is stated in AR 600-37, chapter 7, in requesting the Department of the Army Suitability and Evaluation Board (DASEB) to remove the Letter of Reprimand from their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), or to transfer the Letter of Reprimand from the record.

General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand can often lead to many complex questions such as how to appeal a GOMOR. For more information regarding GOMOR questions you might need to seek the advice of an Expert.
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