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Gluten Free Dog Food

There are several different types of dog foods that are produced every year by many different companies. One type is gluten free dog food. Many dog owners are unsure of which type of dog food is the best food for their dog. Which dog food is the best dog food for that owner’s dog may be different from that of the next guy. Each dog has its own nutritional needs that may vary due to the size, breed, activity level, and medical condition; these differences can make a difference in which dog food is the best for each dog. Some owners may wonder how they can figure out which type of dog food is the best for their pet, while others may simple try a type of dog food because they know of someone else that uses that type of dog food. Below are questions that people have asked the Experts in regards to one specific type of dog food, gluten free dog food.

Can feeding a gluten free dog food help a dog with chronic diarrhea?

A gluten free dog food diet is a good diet to try first for a dog with chronic diarrhea. The very first thing that should be done is to make sure that the dog has been checked out by a veterinarian to make sure that there is nothing else that physically may be the cause of the diarrhea. It is important that a dog have regular checkups and vaccinations. It is also important to note that there are a few other things that can cause a dog to have stools that are loose, things such as nerves from anxiety or stress.

Can a diet of gluten free dog food help a dog with allergies?

Gluten free dog food can help a dog with allergies, depending on what the dog’s allergies are. The appearance of areas that itch all over the body can be a sign of a food allergy, since the allergen is digested and then are disbursed throughout the body. If doing a gluten free dog food trial, the owner should know that the itching can continue for the first four to six weeks after starting the trial, while the allergens get out of the dogs system, if gluten was the allergen that was causing the itching. During the trial the owner should avoid treat which may have gluten in them.

Why would a gluten free dog food diet be recommended for a dog with an autoimmune disease?

A gluten free dog food diet is often recommended for dogs with an autoimmune disease. This is because recently it has been found that some auto immune disease may have sensitivity to certain foods and the proteins within. If an owner decides to go with gluten free dog diet, then they will also have to make sure that they stick to the diet and that the treats that they give the dog are also gluten free.

Why is a gluten free dog food diet recommended for dogs with seizures?

A diet of gluten free dog food can be recommended for dogs that have seizures. This diet is also a diet that is usually free of dairy, soy and corn. All of these things have been linked to dogs having seizures. An owner can try a gluten free dog food to see if the dog’s seizure activity is reduced.

Gluten free dog food is recommended in several medical cases due to the research that shows that some animals’ reaction to the gluten can cause or make worse a medical malady. Research has shown that seizures and auto immune diseases respond badly to the protein that is found in gluten. An owner that is going to do a gluten free dog food trial, should be aware improvement if any will take at least four to six weeks to show, due to the fact it takes the body that long to shed the gluten from previous foods. They should also make sure that any treat that are given must also be gluten free, or the trial is pointless. Any further questions about gluten free dog food can be directed to the Experts.
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