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GHB Treatment Questions

What is GHB?

GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) is a naturally occurring substance that is commonly found in the central nervous system. As a drug, it has often been abused as a date rape drug since the 1990s because of its euphoric, sedative and anabolic effects. As a result, it has been named as an illegal drug in many countries. Often, GHB can be used in the medical setting as a general anesthetic to treat insomnia, clinical depression, narcolepsy and alcoholism.

Given below are some of the important questions about GHB that have been answered by different Experts.

What are some of the side effects of GHB?

Some of the common side effects of the GHB drug include:
• Low heart rate
• High blood pressure
• Seizures
• Shortness of breath
• Hallucinations
• Blurred vision
• Chest pain
• Diarrhea
• Problems with memory
• Coma

What are some of the symptoms of GHB overdose?

GHB overdose can often cause unconsciousness, convulsions, vomiting, respiratory depression and in some cases, death. These symptoms can also occur when the drug is combined with other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol. An individual should drink plenty of water and fresh juices to help reduce the effect of this drug.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of GHB?

Some of the withdrawal symptoms of GHB include:
• Insomnia
• Restlessness
• Anxiety
• Tremors
• Sweating
• Loss of appetite
• Edginess
• Tachycardia
• Chest pain
• Tightness of muscles
• Aches in the muscles and bones
• Sensitivity to external stimuli like sound, light and touch
• Dysphoria
• Mental dullness
• Convulsions
• Hallucinations

Most of these symptoms will reduce between a period of 2 and 21 days after the drug is stopped depending on the frequency of use and the dosage that was given.

Are there any drugs that can be used to treat GHB withdrawal?

A dose of 750 mg (milligrams) of over-the-counter gabapentin can be taken three times a day to treat GHB withdrawal. Klonopin can also help to control any jitters caused from this withdrawal.

What makes GHB an addictive drug?

GHB works on the GABA b receptors and GHB receptors of an individual’s brain and increases the release and accumulation of serotonin in the body. The serotonin affects the release of dopamine in the brain. There are many studies that show that drugs that increase the release of dopamine in the brain or act on the dopaminergic axis are addictive drugs.

Can the use of GHB affect a person’s vision?

An individual may have problems with peripheral vision if he/she uses GHB. However, this will reduce with the affect of the drug.

For how long will GHB remain in a person’s system?

GHB will remain for about 2-3 hours in a person’s system making it difficult to detect in most victims.

What can be done when GHB has been ingested?

The main way to manage GHB is to provide supportive care to someone who has taken it. The individual should be given plenty of fluids to maintain hydration. The individual can also be given over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen if the drug is causing pain. The individual should be taken to a doctor if nausea is present because there are no medications available over-the-counter to treat this symptom.

GHB is an illegal drug that can cause many long term side effects. Often, someone may not even know that they have been given this drug. Individual may suspect the presence of this drug in their system when they experience some of its side effects. This can cause many questions such as what can be done to remove the drug from the system or what the long term effects are. However, not finding satisfactory answers to these questions can be frustrating. At such times, individuals should speak to an Expert and get all their questions about GHB answered.
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