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Gestational Diabetes

What is gestational diabetes and what causes it?

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that often occurs during pregnancy. This transpires when the blood sugar is too high. Gestational diabetes is often seen in about 4% of pregnancies and may typically be able to be controlled through proper diet and/or with the help of medications.

There may often be many hormonal changes that may occur within a woman’s body during pregnancy that may often cause issues with the glucose levels (sugar levels). Sometimes during pregnancy the third trimester those hormone changes may put an individual at risk of acquiring gestational diabetes. Being uncertain of what females are more at risk to acquiring gestational diabetes or what the side effects of gestational diabetes may have on a mother and child may often lead to the questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

Would blood sugar levels of 12.9 with history of insulin dependent gestational diabetic be the cause for two weeks of headaches?

A blood sugar level of 12.9 is on the high side and headaches may often be caused by the high blood sugar level or hyperglycemia. If an individual has an infection, this may also cause the headaches and high blood sugars; however, often a fever may be present with this infection. With the history of gestational diabetes and evaluation of the individual’s current status of diabetes may need to be taken care of.

When a woman has gestational diabetes and is now experiencing dizziness, light headedness, but no other symptoms what should be done?

Women who have gestational diabetes may often be at risk of developing non-gestational diabetes later in life and may have blood sugar levels checked regularly. Dizziness may also be a sign of blood sugar or blood pressure not being in the normal range. In the case the dizziness is experienced for more than a few hours an evaluation of the blood sugar and blood pressure should be checked.

What might it mean for a women who has gestational diabetes to experience numb toes, dizziness, dark vision when standing up, blood shot and yellowish eyes, and occasional blurred vision?

In the case women who have experienced gestational diabetes are at a higher risk of having Type II diabetes in the future. This risk may often increase if there is also a family history of diabetes. With the symptoms of dizziness and vision abnormalities an examination and testing of blood sugars may need to be done promptly. Numbness in the toes may also be the cause of a condition of diabetes called micro vascular disease. This disease may also be seen in those that have herniated discs of the lower back. The symptom of yellowish eyes may be an issue with the liver and blood tests may need to be run.

What is the difference between glucose challenge test and OGTT and how does it relate to gestational diabetes?

Both the glucose challenge test and oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) may be given to women who are pregnant in order to test for gestational diabetes. The glucose challenge test is known as a screening test that is used to screen women with diabetes during their pregnancy. Blood that is drawn after the pregnant female drinks a sweet drink and if the results are abnormal it may indicate that gestational diabetes is present. The OGTT test is a more specific testing and it may be used to actually diagnose all forms of diabetes; pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes and even diabetes. The individual may be able to drink 75 grams of carbohydrate and then a fasting sample is taken. Three to five more samples are again taken at certain intervals.

Having the right information and understanding of gestational diabetes may often be helpful when dealing with questions and concerns about diabetes during pregnancy. Experts may help answer inquiries about what type of female may be more at risk for gestational diabetes or what the treatments may be for gestational diabetes. Get the answers swiftly by asking an Expert today.
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