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General Liability Insurance Questions

What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to protect businesses, contractors and other operators from any kind of work related liabilities like accidents, faulty products, incomplete work, etc. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions that are answered by the Experts about general liability insurance.

Should individuals be notified when their liability insurance is cancelled?

In many cases, the insurance company is not responsible to inform individuals that their general liability insurance has been cancelled.

Would an individual who has been convicted of a felony be eligible for a general liability insurance in the state of Pennsylvania?

It may not be considered illegal for an individual with a criminal record to get insurance in Pennsylvania. In most cases, the insurance company may take into account the individual’s business prospects, health and any history of litigation rather than just a criminal record. Hence, an individual with a felony charge may be eligible for general liability insurance in Pennsylvania.

Can a contractor repair or replace any damaged property or goods before the insurance company takes charge?

Usually, an individual may be given a chance to repair or replace any damaged property or goods before the insurance company takes charge if the contractor is qualified to do so. If he/she is not permitted to conduct the repair in spite of being qualified, he/she may send a written request by certified mail. If the individual is not qualified to conduct the repairs, he/she may hire someone who is qualified.

Can a sub-contractor collect unpaid fees from a primary contractor’s general liability insurance policy?

A sub-contractor may be able to collect their unpaid fees from a primary contractor’s general liability insurance if they have not received their payment because the primary contractor’s errors or actions.

Is an individual expected to pay 25% of the premium for accepting a quote from a general liability insurance company if he/she did not sign any contract?

An individual may not have to pay any amount for accepting an insurance quote from a company if he/she has not signed any contract with the company.

What would the consequences be if a company’s staff gets accused of theft?

Usually, if a company’s staff is accused of theft by a client, the client may sue the company’s insurance policy for his/her loss. In such a situation, the company may have to do a thorough investigation to check if the client is telling the truth and speak to him/her only through an attorney.

Is a general contractor required to have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance in Massachusetts?

It may not be a legal requirement for a general contractor to have worker’s compensation and liability insurance in the state of Massachusetts. However, if the individual does have insurance, then an individual hiring him/her may ask their agent to provide a certificate of insurance and name the individual as an additional insured person on the policy.

Getting sued by a client or business associate can have a drastic affect on your business. Not having liability insurance can further cause financial loss. Though not legally required in most states, it may be very important for you to have general liability insurance if you own a business or are an independent contractor. The insurance may cover some or most of the cost in case of a lawsuit. You can always ask an Expert if you are stuck in a liability lawsuit and need to know how insurance can help or for any information needed to buy an insurance policy.
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