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General Excise Tax Questions

Individuals questioning general excise tax charges have had many questions regarding the whole method. Uncertainties of what general excise tax is or who generally pays the general excise tax often lead to questions like the ones answered below by the Experts.

Does our businesses in Hawaii have to pay Hawaii general excise tax on top of the hourly rate?

Hawaii’s general excise tax is levied on the business that receives the income and not on the customer. Businesses act more than tax collectors as they are also taxed on their income. The general excise tax is considered an expense that businesses have during their normal course of business. The general excise tax is not taken upon the customer. The business would incur the general excise tax as a business expense and the bookkeeper that you pay would not.

How far back in years can the general excise Tax office in Hawaii audit me?

The state generally has 3 years from the due date of the tax return to audit someone. If a person left out an item on a return then the statue is extended to six years. They would have had to have left out at least 25% or more in the actual amount versus the amount that was report on the return. If a person never filed a return for that year then the statute of limitation would not apply.

Who generally pays the general excise taxes in Hawaii?

In Hawaii businesses that are receiving the income will incur the general excise tax. The general excise tax is not levied on the customer. General excise taxes are levied on gross income from almost all types of business activities including sales of tangible personal property, contracting, commissions, interest, lease or rental activities and more. The general excise tax will vary depending on which type of business activity is occurring. The general excise tax ranges from .15% to 4%. At the consumer level businesses can choose to visibly pass on the tax to the consumer or not.

What is general excise tax and how do I pay it?

General excise taxes are paid when specific good like gasoline are purchased. They are indirect taxes. Typically excise taxes are included in the total price of the product that is being purchased. Motor fuel is a main component of the excise program. When an individual buys gas for their car the general excise tax is already included in the price the consumer pays.

I am a web designer on Maui. Is my Hawaii general excise tax 4.0% or 0.5%?

All business activities are assessed a general excise tax. General excise tax rates include .15% for Insurance Commission, .5% for wholesaling, manufacturing, producing, wholesale services, and use tax on imports for resale, and 4% for all others. A web designer would fall into the category of income from certain wholesale transactions that are sold to another for resale. So a web designer would pay .5% in general excise tax.

Knowing the correct facts and having a good insight of general excise taxes can help when dealing with questions regarding general excise tax. Experts can help answer questions about the percentage of general excise tax that a web designer would pay or what general excise tax is. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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