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General Damage Questions

What are general damages?

The legal term ‘general damages’; can relate to many types of compensation that is requested in a lawsuit. Although, general damages are not limited to any certain type of characteristic. Often times general damages relates to ‘pain and suffering’. This compensation is normally connected to a condition to where it is hard to decide the extent of the damage that is correct, or can even be a situation that is guaranteed to allow the general damages. Many court systems that allow compensation for emotional pain, and pain and suffering will all depend on the judge and the case to decide if general damage is correct.

General damages vs. Special Damages

Many times special damages are decided to repay an individual for their financial losses in which have occurred, this repayment may cover past and current medical bill, any property repairs and even if there was loss of income because they had to miss work. General damages may also result in a major accident that is not always related to financial or physical. This will all depend on the certain case, the individual may be allowed to obtain more compensation for general damages for losses that were connected to emotional and physical pain, the loss of a loved one, and punitive damages.

In the state of Texas what charges can be pressed on an adult who is not a professional tattoo artist who put a tattoo on a minor with your parent’s permission?

This can be looked at in many different ways. One being that the adult has violated the Texas Health and Safety Code of 146.002 and 146.012. The parents and the minor will have the right to bring this case into civil action against the unlicensed tattoo artist. This case can also be charged as an assault, the parents require that all costs be covered to laser remove the tattoo and the minor can claim general damages for the assault. The state of Texas defines this include: “(3) intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.”

If an individual was in a car wreck and had only received minor bruising, can they sue for general damages?

If the individual was not severally injured they will not be able to sue the other person except for any damages that occurred to their vehicle that is not covered by the insurance. The individuals own personal insurance company will be responsible for their personal injury claim.

In the state of Colorado where a car accident had occurred and is suffering from general damages, is there a law for pain and suffering in this state or in the state of Nebraska?

In every personal injury or vehicle accident claims, if the individuals were injured they will be entitled to what is referred to as general damages which will include pain and suffering compensation. The insurance company sets out a goal to attempt to give out the lowest settlement as possible. These individual are not required to accept this settlement. They will have the right to either discuss the settlement amount or request to sue.

When injured in a personal injury or a car accident many individual are not aware if they will receive general damages vs. special damages. The definitions of each are unaware to many. When suffering from some sort of injury and unaware of what they are entitled to after receiving general damages these individuals can ask Experts for more legal information.
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