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Gender Discrimination Questions

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Gender discrimination occurs when others are granted or denied certain privileges based on their gender. Many societies and religions allow such behavior. However, in most nations, this behavior is either inappropriate or against the law. There are steps that can be taken to stop this type of activity. Below are just a few of the more commonly asked questions regarding gender discrimination that have been answered by Experts.

How does gender discrimination take place in the workforce?

Direct Discrimination:
Many companies prefer a certain gender. Generally, this happens when one gender is more dominant over the other. For example, both genders hold the same position, yet the men tend to make more per hour over the women. Another example would be men receiving a larger bonus pay. Also, depending upon which gender seems to hold control in the company, there is the obvious indifference towards the other gender.

Indirect Discrimination:
This occurs when there are certain rules implying that one gender cannot qualify for certain positions or options.

Harassment at Work:
This is one of the harshest forms, it allows emotional and psychological damage to those employees who are affected. Examples of this would be verbal and/or sexual harassment to the gender that is inferior under this method. Gay employees tend to be the focal point of harassing behavior and harsh treatment because of their sexual preferences.

Employees who are victimized based on their gender through unfair treatment. In some situations, these people are at risk for having their private lives affected while also dealing with situations being brought about at work.

Is it gender discrimination if a female boss only grades women employee’s performance and never the men’s performance?

This could be considered gender discrimination but only if the discrimination was based on gender. Not on the basis of you "think" or "feel" like you are being discriminated against. The employer is within her rights to give performance grades. The fact that your employer is also a female makes it less likely a gender discrimination situation and more of a personality conflict.

What should an employee do if their EEOC complaint for gender discrimination is not settled, but they have been terminated and asked to sign a waiver stating they will not collect monetary damages?

You should not sign the waiver. You need to contact the EEOC and add a claim of retaliation also. While your first instinct is to take the money the employer is offering, you must remember that the reason they are offering this money is so you won't be able to continue your gender discrimination claim. Once you sign the waiver, you release all rights to continue the discrimination claim. When you contact the EEOC, tell them that you have been fired because you filed the gender discrimination claim. This generally speeds up the process of the EEOC to issue a right to sue letter.

Is it gender discrimination if the boss shows favoritism to one gender over the other?

Depending on the actual circumstances, this may very well be gender discrimination. However, you will have to show that there is no other reason for your employer's actions other than your specific gender. You should contact an attorney and discuss the situation and/or contact the EEOC. Before you go any further, you should discuss the situation with your boss in writing and send a copy of the letter to your company HR.

Gender discrimination can cause undo trauma for those who are affected. There are laws that protect people from this type of activity. If you are a victim or know of someone who has been affected by it, you should ask an Expert for legal assistance.

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