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Gays in the Military

Questions and concerns about gays in the military can be confusing and can bring to light many concerns regarding gays serving in the military, discrimination against gays, military gay policies, gay marriage in the military, and the rights of the gays in the military. If a person finds themselves faced with the questions and the confusion that this may bring, the Experts is an affordable, fast way to get insight concerning gays in the military.

Is the new law regarding gays in the military going to affect current service contracts?

In most situations, the past contracts will not become void if the new law takes effect. Every contract has the obligation to follow the orders of The Commander and Chief, therefore will not be affect by any changes made to the laws being put into place.

Can a homosexual who has engaged in homosexual behavior still get an honorable discharge?

Under the current laws the person wanting the discharge can request a discharge based on the desire to engage in homosexual behavior. He/she will go through a screening after they inform their supervisor which can very well take close to a year to complete in some situations. The person that is going through this screening must never admit to engaging in homosexual behavior as this may result in criminal charges under the current policies.

If a homosexual soldier dies will their spouse be able to obtain a flag and the soldier’s dog tags?

Most generally, the spouse would be able to obtain a flag through the Veteran Affairs. The dog tags are considered personal property of the soldier therefore the spouse would receive those with the soldier’s other personal effects.

If a soldier is mentally competent, not dysfunctional, and not homosexual, can the soldier request a discharge because due to the soldier feeling as if they made the wrong decision, and would like to pursue other options in life?

When the soldier enlisted in the military, he/she signed a contract. If he/she decides they made a mistake, then they should seek counseling from the Chaplin because the military would consider that a breach of the contract the solider signed upon enlistment. The military relies on their soldiers to complete the contract they sign and will not release them from the contract unless there is a viable reason to do so.

If a married couple divorces due to a lesbian affair the wife had with an enlisted soldier, can the now ex-husband file a complaint against the soldier involved in the affair?

For the husband to file a complaint, he would have to contact the soldier’s commanding officer or contact the local Military Police. Contacting the commanding officer would be faster, but the husband would need to provide evidence of the affair such as emails, photos, letters, or statements from the ex-wife.

When there are concerns regarding gay rights in the military, confusion and lack of knowledge regarding the rights and procedures may arise. Gay marriage and homosexual behavior in the military may bring several actions that may or may not diversely affect the soldier. The current military laws have a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy in regards to homosexual behavior in the military. Same sex spouses, family members of the homosexual soldier, or even the homosexual soldier themselves may have concerns and questions that they need addressed or answered. The Experts are an affordable and quick way to get the advice needed to address the questions and concerns one may have.
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