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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Do you or a loved one suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? Does it affect your every day routine? Concerning issues of when gastroesophageal reflux disease is present or how GERD is different from NERD may lead to questions similar to those that Experts have answered below.

What is Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?

GERD is a sign of damage to the mucosa caused by stomach acid that comes up from the stomach into the esophagus. Barrier changes between the esophagus and stomach causes GERD. These changes may include an abnormal relaxation of the sphincter in the lower esophagus (holds stomach closed at the top), hiatal hernia, or impaired expulsion of gastric reflux.

What are GERD symptoms?

The most common GERD symptoms in adults include heartburn and regurgitation. Other signs that may be less common include sore throat, increased salivation, nausea, coughing, and chest pain. Infant symptoms of GERD are variants from the adult versions and include vomiting, spitting up, coughing, wheezing, and burping.

What would cause excessive saliva, sinus drainage, and acid in the stomach that started during pregnancy but has reoccurred?

These symptoms are often associated with acid reflux or GERD, a constant acidic stomach content irritation that comes back up the esophagus to the throat, sinuses, and mouth. During pregnancy this condition is common due to the fact that the growing fetus is taking up space in the abdomen while pressing on the stomach. It can occur after pregnancy if the bottom esophagus muscles have become weak and cannot keep the contents of the stomach contained. The acid in the stomach can potentially irritate the sinuses which could cause excessive salivation due to drainage in the mouth.

How is GERD different from non-erosive reflux disease (NERD)?

GERD is caused from a leakage of stomach acid coming back into the esophagus because the sphincter at the lower end is weaker. When GERD is severe erosion of the upper lining of the esophagus can occur.

NERD can also have reflux but erosion would not be present in the lower esophagus. NERD is somewhat of a subset of GERD and is often treated very similarly. A gastroenterologist is able to tell GERD and NERD apart and will be able to delegate treatment that is appropriate.

What would cause an exhausting cough that is not relieved by inhalers?

An exhausting cough may be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease or cough variant asthma. If inhalers did not bring relief, then cough variant asthma can be ruled out definitively with a pulmonary function test. A persistent cough is associated with GERD due to the throat being inflamed and irritated.

What might cause a feeling of a bubble in the throat that prevents anything from going down?

A condition called globus sensation can cause the persistent feeling of a lump stuck in the throat. It is caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, esophageal sphincter abnormalities, esophagitis, stress, or psychological disorders. Diagnosis can be confirmed through pH monitoring tests, esophageal manometry, and upper GI endoscopy.

What causes excessive belching and how can it be treated?

Excessive belching can typically be caused by many things including:

  • habit
  • GERD
  • poor digestion
  • swallowing excessive air

Treatment can consist of:

  • Limiting alcohol consumption.
  • Cutting down on smoking.
  • Having small frequent meals while eliminating fried foods.
  • Taking sips of cold water.
  • Sleeping in a propped up position.
  • Eating 2-3 dry crackers in the morning to absorb acid that has collected in the stomach.
  • Antacids and medications like Prilosec may also offer relief.

What does irregularity in the z-line and gastroesophageal junction, erythema in the antrum and hiatal hernia on an endoscopy report indicate?

These findings are generally indicative of GERD, acid reflux disease induced gastritis, or esophagitis. Treatment would be based on a definitive diagnosis and will likely be geared towards acid reflux disease.

When stomach issues become an every day battle for patients, it can become alarming if you do not have the right information available. Experts can help answer questions about prognosis, diagnosis, and more. Get your GERD concerns addressed quickly by contacting a verified Expert today.


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