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Gas Stove Problems

What is a gas stove?

In simple terms, a gas stove is cook top/stove used for the purpose of cooking food with the main source of fuel and heat obtained from natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or other flammable gases. Gas stoves can fundamentally have two types of ignition sources, standing pilot or electric. A standing pilot has a gas flame which burns continuously under the cook top. The flame located between the front and back burners lights the gas when it flows out of the burners. Electric igniters use electric sparks to ignite the burners making an audible “clicking” noise.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on gas stove problems.

If is save to continue to use a gas stove if a burner makes a clicking noise? How can this be fixed?

It is possible the contacts of the burner control are bridged probably with cooking grease. This could have seeped through the contacts into the igniter circuit as well. Try to access the back portion of the control valve where the igniter control is attached and clean out any residue using an electrical contact cleaner. If you have the sealed variety, flushing out or cleaning will not work and you may need to replace the component. In the meantime, it is safe to continue using the gas stove manually by turning off the power however the constant clicking could eventually burn out the spark module which is an expensive part.

Why is my gas stove‘s igniter clicking continuously? This started when I spilled a small amount of water while cleaning the stove.

If it is clicking, it is an indication that the spark module is defective or one of the switches under the knob has become faulty. First check if the clicking is occurring when all the burners are off and if it continues when you turn on all the burners simultaneously. If it does not stop sparking with all the burners turned on, it rules out an issue with the switches narrowing the spark module as the culprit. Sometimes however, due to water or moisture entering the electronic system while cleaning, the clicking can start up. To rule out this, unplug the unit for at least 24 hours to allow the gas stove to dry out and rectify this issue. If it fails to do so, the spark module would need to be replaced.

Why has my 20 year old Kenmore gas stove and oven stopped working suddenly? I cannot hear or smell the gas.

The problem you are facing could stem from your igniter. Begin by unplugging your unit. The igniter could be getting weak where it is not absorbing sufficient power to open the safety gas valve. It should receive at least 3.2 AMP. Hence though the igniter could be glowing, it is defective. Generally igniter lifespan is up to 10 years and can be replaced easily. It is located below the floor of your oven. You need to remove the racks and the floor to access it. The igniter is held in place with screws. Remove these screws and the wires to the igniter. Remove the old igniter and replace with the new.

My Maytag freestanding gas stove has a touch pad which does not work and the oven display reads 5ab. What does it mean?

This is a “5ab or Sab” error which implies the unit has entered a “sabbath mode”. This usually occurs when you press and hold the “clock” button to set the time. To exit this mode sometimes pressing and holding the clock button for five seconds or longer can work. In case it fails to respond, you will probably need to wait for 72 hours for the oven to exit this mode on its own since this mode cannot be manually overridden.

Why is my DCS burner clicking even though the burners are on?

Usually there is a small crack between the middle and bottom part of the burner to allow the gas. This is where the flame touches the spark tip. If there is no flame, the tip will continue to spark despite the top of the burner being lit. Hence remove the burner grates and the caps on the top of the burners. Remove the large nut at the center of the burner holding it in place. Once off, clean this portion well preferably using an emery cloth or sand paper to make the spark tip shine. Dry it using a hair dryer if required and reassemble to resolve your problem.

Gas stoves are a common appliance among most households. Most units have an oven too. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the gas stove should be done regularly. As seen above, igniters and burners are the main cause for concern. On the other hand, your issue could be different from the ones listed above. In order to know more about your particular problem and find an optimum solution, consulting Experts would prove useful and reasonable.
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