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Gas Oven Problems

Ovens are appliances which have a thermally insulated chamber for heating, cooking and baking food. In order to heat to the required temperatures, gas ovens are fuelled by gas. The main components of the gas ovens are usually a pilot light, igniter, thermostat, timer, racks and so on. With age and use, the ovens could face issues with either of these parts. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on gas oven problems.

How can an individual trouble shoot a gas oven because the oven is not igniting (the igniter was replaced) though the light for the temperature come on?

Though your igniter was replaced, the problem could be with the oven igniter, inside the oven. Generally the oven igniters have a lifespan of six to eight years before they show signs of failing. They function if they are able to extract a minimum of 3.2 amps else they will not open the gas valve properly. This could lead to a crack in the valve or unnecessary opening and closing of the valve when it should remain open. The glow of the igniter alone is not an indicator that it is drawing sufficient power to open the safety valve. However, it may need to be ordered and replaced. They cost approximately $50 to purchase. You could handle the replacement if you are able to remove the racks of the oven and the floor to access it. The igniter is usually held by two screws and wires. If you engage professional help, it could cost you $150 to $175 to replace this including labor. In this case, it would probably be more sensible to have it repaired rather than replaced.

Why is a gas oven taking over 45 minutes to pre-heat and also making a popping noise?

Normal preheating time to reach a temperature of 350 degrees would be eight to ten minutes if the burner lights within a minute. To reach 425 degrees, 12 to 15 minutes is sufficient. Sometimes popping noises are normal in most ovens due to the expansion and contraction of the metal. At other times when popping noises are heard during extended heating times or while the oven preheats, it could be sign of a weak oven igniter. Replacing the oven igniter should resolve the issue. You would require the model number for the oven which will be present on a tag at the bottom or at the top of the control panel depending on the type of unit you own.

How do I remove the igniter on a gas oven?

The igniter can be removed by loosening the screws which hold it to the burner. Spraying or dabbing cooking oil on the threads will make it easier.

A Maytag gas oven’s gas ran out leading to the pilot going off. There is a red button which may be needed for lighting. How do I light the pilot light?

First would be to remove or dismantle the floor inside the oven. Towards the back of the oven, you would find a pilot light assembly. Press and keep the red button held. Use a grill lighter and wave it over the pilot light towards the front of the assembly. This should help ignite the pilot light. The red button should be held down for a minute or two after this until the oven recognizes the pilot is lit. The burners have no role to play at this point. Only if the pilot light is bad they would leak gas continuously. The pilot light for the cook top is generally evenly placed between the front and back burner to the left and right side.

What could be the cause of a Whirlpool gas oven that will not reach 350 degrees?

There are a couple of things which could cause this issue. If the oven suddenly stops heating on its own, it signifies the spark module board has attempted to ignite the gas three times and has failed to do so. To check, remove the two screws from the base floor of the oven. Next remove the heat shield which also has two screws and examine the burn tube where the igniter tip is. If there are four holes at the point of ignition there was a known issue with the burner tube leading to redesign with eight holes. A crooked igniter due to time and heat effects can also lead to this issue. If the igniter is straight on the bake burn tube with eight holes at the ignition point of the burn tube, you probably need to replace the spark module board. While replacing the spark module board, you need to ensure the receptacle/holder is grounded properly.

Gas ovens are a common appliance among most households. Sometimes these units have a cook top too. As seen above, igniters of gas ovens can cause many issues. Unfamiliar noises could also be a cause for concern. On the other hand, you could be facing a completely different issue apart from the ones listed above. In order to know more about your particular problem and find an optimum solution, consulting Experts would prove to be useful and reasonable.
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