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Gas Hob Problems

In simple terms, a gas hob is a kitchen stove used for the purpose of cooking food with the main source of fuel and heat obtained from natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or other flammable gases. Gas hobs fundamentally have two types of ignition sources, standing pilot or electric. A standing pilot has a gas flame which burns continuously under the cooktop. The flame located between the front and back burners lights the gas when it flows out of the burners. Electric igniters use electric sparks to ignite the burners making an audible “clicking” noise. They are operated and controlled with the help of knobs. Gas hobs allow the control of the heat to be quicker and more refined. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on gas hob problems.

What should an individual check to know whether the jets are meant for natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas on a Bosch gas hob?

There is no definite method to check this feature however normally the holes in the orifice for natural gas hobs are bigger as compared to the ones on LPG hobs. When the gas hob is set up with natural gas the flame tends to be very high. You could try a small test. Connect the gas hob to natural gas and if the pots and pans you use start to turn black at the bottom, it is better to set up the gas hob for LPG. In which case, you probably need to change or replace the orifices.

What should an individual do to stop the igniters on a Miele gas hob to stop clicking?

This problem of constant clicking occurs usually due to presence of moisture from any recent cleaning of the gas hob. If all your burners are clicking when turned off and stop once lit it you can try the following actions. Use a hair dryer and blow dry the area where you cleaned it or where there is a possibility of moisture being trapped. Sometimes turning off the system for 24 hours will also give the gas hob a chance to dry out. If this does not work, determine which burner stops clicking by turning on each burner one after the other. Once you have identified the burner, replace the switch under that knob. If all this does not resolve the clicking, you will probably need to replace the spark module. Below is a link to the Miele website for you to order the required part.

The instant electric ignition on a Whirlpool gas hob is not working though the individual is able to light the burners with a match. Is this a battery issue or a power issue?

If the ignition is no longer ticking, the problem could have occurred with the spark module or ignition device. In case it does tick but you get no ignition, the actual pilots could be clogged and need to be removed and cleaned. If it does not work you need to replace the spark module. To access it you need to remove the hob top in the cavity you should see a small box with thin wires going to each burner. Ensure the mains are off while doing so or the battery is fine if it is a battery operated hob. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you could call a technician. They are not very expensive components

What could an individual do if a Kitchenaid gas hob and oven range is showing an error Code F02 and is now giving off a smell similar to when the oven is in self cleaning mode?

An F2-E0 error is an indication that the oven temperature is too high. What you need to do is test the operation or functioning of the door lock if this is a self cleaning model, next test the relay contact operation and lastly whether there is high resistance in the oven temperature sensor. A faulty oven temperature sensor can allow the oven to get very hot as well as the control board but the sensor cannot lock the oven door. Hence in your case since the door has locked the problem lies with the control board. The control board is the part which has the clock and display. This repair can be attempted by you if you are electrically and mechanically inclined, if not a technician can be employed.

Gas hobs are a common appliance among most households. Sometimes these units have ovens too. As seen above, igniters of gas hobs can cause many issues such as continuous clicking and sparking even when the switch is off. On the other hand, you could also be facing different issues on installation, conversion of gas hobs or availability of gas hob fittings. In order to know more about your particular problem and find an optimum solution, consulting Experts would prove useful and reasonable.
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