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Gas Cooktop Problems

A gas cooktop is a type of kitchen stove. The stove is an appliance installed in a kitchen designed for the intention of preparing and cooking food. Kitchen stoves work on the principle of direct heat applied for the cooking process. In gas cooktop models, the fuel used is LPG which ignites based on a spark at the burner. They are operated and controlled with the help of knobs. Gas cooktops allow the control of the heat to be quicker and more refined.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on gas cooktop problems.

Why does the igniter on a GE gas cooktop make a continuous clicking noise?

The first thing an individual could try is turning on all the burners, leaving it on for a while and turning it off. This should stop the clicking if the igniter has dried out. In case the clicking noise continues, with the burners turned on, try leaving the unit unplugged for at least 24 hours to allow it to thoroughly dry out. Despite all this, if the clicking noise continues, the spark module inside the cooktop could have failed. To fix this, the individual will need to order and replace the spark module. It can be accessed by removing all the burner grates, knobs and caps. Next turn off the gas supply and remove the screws at the bottom of the burner base of each burner. The burner base will come off and the entire panel can be pulled off the countertop. Now you should be able to access the spark module within.

What could be the problem on a GE Profile cooktop electric igniter to click when the burners are on and only stops when the burners are off?

First check is if this is occurring with just one burner or all of them. If it is just one burner the problem could be a faulty burner switch which can be replaced. If all the burners igniters are clicking, the possibility of all burner switches becoming defective together is slim hence the issue lies with the spark module inside the cooktop. The mechanism is that the flame on each burner should touch the spark tip signaling the spark module to cease the sparking. Since the spark module is failing to do so, you will need to order another and replace it or call a technician if you are uncomfortable to do it yourself.

What causes the igniters on gas cooktops to make the clicking noise nonstop?

The main reason for the igniters to click intermittently or continuously is mainly due to the presence of moisture. While cooking or cleaning the stove top, you can inadvertently spill or drop liquids on these delicate areas causing moisture retention. Other times, due to constant use there could be a buildup of grease and oil from the cooking leading to a dirty igniter. All these factors can cause the ignition system to face a short circuit. In order to tackle this issue you can aim a hair dryer on low heat setting at the knob stems to clear out the moisture or dampness from the switch. Dirty igniters can be cleaned gently with a sponge and minimal soapy water and dried completely after cleaning.

How would an individual unlock their Kitchenaid as cooktop, can the individual use the cooktop manually by using a match to light it?

To unlock the system hold down the lockout button for at least five seconds until the indicator light turns off and you hear a long beep. If pressing and holding the lockout button does not help, the reason could be the touch control panel has short circuited needing replacement. The lock button being a part of the cooktop entails that the entire cooktop may need to be replaced. Usually on lock down status the unit will turn off the gas supply to the burners. Hence using a matchstick to light the cooktop manually may not work.

Why do the flames go off on a gas cooktop as soon as the knobs are released?

In many cases, the individual may just need to hold the knob down a bit longer. If the individual removes the burner caps on the burners which are not working you will see two prongs coming up for each burner. One prong is the spark tip to light the burner. The other prong is solid metal coming from the base of the burner and this is your flame thermocouple sensor. Try to clean up the thermocouple with emery cloth or sand paper so that it shines again. Put the burner back together and if the flame is touching the thermocouple but the burner still goes out, then the thermocouple of the faulty burners will need to be replaced.

Gas cooktops are a common appliance among most households. Sometimes these units have ovens too. As seen above, igniters of gas cooktops can cause many issues such as continuous clicking and sparking even when the switch is off. On the other hand, you could also be facing different issues on installation, conversion of stove or gas supply queries. In order to know more about your particular problem and find an optimum solution, consulting Experts would prove useful and reasonable.
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