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Garmin Nuvi 40LM Troubleshooting Questions

How to troubleshoot your portable GPS when it hangs? Does your Garmin Nuvi 40LM power off when loading maps? An Expert can always provide information and help answer GPS questions. Read some typical examples from users and how verified Experts have responded.

How can new addresses be entered into a Garmin Nuvi 40LM GPS?

Case Details: The User Manual has been lost.

Start by downloading the full User Manual which can be printed or saved to the computer. If the device was loaded with maps of the whole country with streets and addresses a while back, there should be no problem about updating maps and entering new addresses.

Why isn’t a portable Garmin Nuvi 40LM GPS able to recognize a City Navigator Europe micro disk?

Repeat the disk loading procedure which might work this time. Insert it, press settings then map and info. If it does not connect check the card by putting it into the SD adapter and into the card slot of a laptop/PC. If it still not recognized then the card appears to be faulty.

How to troubleshoot a Garmin Nuvi 40LM GPS which goes to the wrong screen when an icon is touched?

It seems that the touch screen needs to be recalibrated. Here is how to recalibrate the screen:

  • Turn the unit OFF and disconnect it from its power supply.
  • Touch the upper left of the screen and hold it.
  • While still holding, power the unit ON.
  • Keep touching the screen till a ‘press the dot’ message appears.
  • Touch the dot exactly in the center.
  • The dot will move to a different section of the screen. Touch it in the exact center wherever it positions itself. It will probably shift to about 7 to 10 new positions before giving a ‘complete’ message.
  • When the message is received return to the main screen and check each button to make sure the right screen comes up.

Note: The tip of a pencil eraser or a stylus will be more accurate than a fingertip when trying to hit the center of the dots.

Why does a fully charged GPS power off when updating maps through Garmin Express?

There could be a problem with the connection to the computer probably in the USB ports or USB cable. When starting the update the USB cable should provide enough power right through the process. This might not be happening if the USB cable is loose, or going bad, or if the computer slides into power saving mode. Since map updates take a while if the computer is not monitored it can slip into reduced power mode which means power to USB ports could be stopped. Start by trying another map update with a different USB cable and monitor the computer throughout the process.

What could cause a Garmin Nuvi 40LM to have no storage space left for new map downloads?

The answer is a dedicated SD/MicroSD card exclusively for maps. Something of 4GB should provide plenty of storage space. The Nuvi drive itself is just about 2GB much of which is occupied by the operating system and voice files leaving limited space for maps. A 4GB card is easily available at any electronics store or can be bought online. 

The Garmin Nuvi is a robust GPS which rarely runs into problems. However, when they do happen they can generally be self-repaired with guidance from an Expert. Always ask an Expert for help in such situations. They provide timely answers at an affordable cost. 

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