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Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

How do you program a garage door opener to a new car? Why does the door stop before it is fully open? All the convenience and safety that a garage door opener is meant to provide is lost when it does not work properly. If you need help troubleshooting your problems, the insights of verified appliance repair Experts will give you the assistance you need.

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Can a Sears garage door opener model #139 652001 (pre 1986) be programmed to respond to the link in a 2011 Lexus?

Case Details: The machine responds to the handheld remote.

This unit does not have a Learn button and is too old to work with a 2011 Lexus which uses a rolling code system this opener is not compatible with. If using the heldheld remote is inconvenient, the only option will be to replace the opener.

Why does a garage door opener open perfectly but require multiple tries from the local switch and the car remote to close?

Antennas coming loose from their solder points on the main board are a common problem and can cause the type of problem being experienced. This will account for the difficulty in the remote operation and the local switch, if it is not hard wired. If the local switch is hard wired, check where the wires go into the board for any loose connections and tightened as needed. That should fix the hard wire issue. In regard to the remotes and a non-hard wired local switch, use a magnifying glass to examine the solder points that the antenna is attached to. Resolder any weak or damaged connections. If the problem remains, the receivers in the car are faulty and will need to be replaced.

Why do both the Craftsman 139.53910D garage door opener only open 2/3rds of the way when the ambient temperature drops below 45 degrees F?

Case Details: The doors open fully after multiple tries. Closing works fine.

Since the problem happens with both doors and only when the temperature is low, the cause is probably cold related. There are two common reasons for this to happen in cold temperatures. The limit switch assemblies may be sticking in the cold stopping doors from opening fully. Multiple attempts to open the doors may cause the switches to become free and function properly. The other reason could  be that the connections on the circuit boards are contracting in the cold and not connecting correctly. If neither of these is the cause, the limit switches may be bad, although for both the fail at the same time is rare.

Why does a Chamberlain model 2000DSR garage door opener work with the local switch but not with the remote?

Case Details: Putting in a new battery and reprogramming the remote has not helped.

Since the opener works with the local switch, the motor is okay. If a new battery and reprogramming the remotes have not fixed the problem, the issue is probably with the receiver board. This will need to be replaced.

What repairs are required if a Craftsman model 139.53990D garage door opener stops working after a short occurred while changing the garage light bulb?

The first thing to do is to reset the system by unplugging the power cord and leaving it off for 20 minutes. If after plugging it back in the unit still does not work, the wiring on the circuit boards of the opener will have to be checked. With the unit unplugged, remove the motor unit cover screws and lift the cover off. Follow the internal black and white wires to the point where they split between the motor and controller wiring. Look closely for any signs of blackened wires or loose connections. If any are found it would be better to replace the board instead of trying to repair the connections..

Why does a Craftsman model 139.53895DM garage door open only open a few feet and then close back down?

Resetting the system may resolve the problem. To do this unplug the opener from the outlet and leave it disconnected for 20 minutes. If it does not work after reconnection, the system will have to be reprogrammed to set the travel limits for the door to open and close. This will require a repeat of the programming that was done when the unit was first installed.

What causes a garage door opener to open and then immediately close again on its own?

This problem is typically due to a setting issue. The are 4 likely causes are:

  • The safety sensors are faulty or wrongly set.
  • The door force settings are not correct. In such cases the door can close immediately after opening.
  • The limit switch may be in the wrong position.
  • On many openers there is a small switch on the track that is supposed to stop the door before it reaches the end of the track. If it is too far forward, the movement could reverse.

Checking the setting and/or replacing any defective sensors or switches should fix the problem.

What could cause a garage door opener that was not used for over 10 years to make a humming sound but not move when it was activated?

Case Details: The sensors, chain tension etc. were all checked before the unit was powered up.

The humming sound means that power is getting to the motor but it is not moving. Since the unit was not used for such a long time, it is probable that the bearings have seized. The shaft may also have corroded due to atmospheric moisture and lack of lubrication. It may be possible to free the motor or shaft by disconnecting the door, turning on the unit and trying to turn the gear while the motor is humming. However, even if it does break free, the overall interior condition means that it is unlikely to work for long.

As you will have seen from this article, the range of issue that can crop up with garage door opener is large. Whether you want to do the repairs yourself or prefer to call a service technician, knowing what is wrong and what repairs are required puts you in control of the situation so you can make the right decisions. This is the kind of information and support that a verified appliance repair Experts can give. You can ask the Experts on JustAnswer for customized answers from the comfort of your home, or wherever you have internet.

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