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Garage Band Problems

GarageBand is an application that allows users to create, record or play music. It comes with an immense possibility for creativity, but at times either a glitch in the software or insufficient mastery of the application could mar the precious creation. However, the damage need not be irreversible if one seeks solutions and asks questions on the working of GarageBand. Read below where questions have been asked to Experts on the functionality of GarageBand and how to solve various GarageBand related problems.

How to eliminate a buzzing sound that is heard when using GrangeBand on Mac laptop with OS X 10.6.8?

Generally, adjusting the input volume and checking ‘use ambient noise reduction’ on the laptop could solve the buzzing sound experienced in GarageBand. However, before making the adjustments, it is usually better to shut down the laptop and restart with the following booting option: immediately after switching on the power and before the appearance of Apple logo on the screen, press down Command, alt/Option, P and R keys at the same time till laptop starts booting. The keys can be released on the third chime, allowing booting to proceed as normal. Once the laptop has restarted locate ‘Sound’ by selecting ‘System Preferences’ on Apple icon menu. Input volume can be adjusted under ‘Input’ as well as ticking ‘use ambient noise reduction’.

How to reopen a GarageBand project that was just saved on Mac laptop with OS X 10.6.8 but will not open after GarageBand unexpectedly shutdown?

Many times trying any of the corrective actions in the following order could help reopen the saved files: (A) Verify disk permissions and repair disk permissions on hard drive of the Mac. Hard drive can be located by launching ‘Disk Utility’ found in ‘Utilities’ under the ‘Applications’ folder. Once there, by first ‘verifying disk permissions’ and then ‘repairing permissions’ by clicking said icons the problem could be resolved. (B) Delete
 and The files are located in the local hard drive under Users/user name/Library/Preferences. Locate and drag files to ‘Trash’ followed by ‘Empty Trash’. (C) Uninstall GarageBand and reinstalling along with latest software updates. Normally GarageBand application will be in the install disks that came with Mac laptop. Please note projects created using GarageBand are not saved in the application but usually in Music folder of the local hard drive by default. Hence, uninstalling the application normally would not result in losing GarageBand projects.

Can GarageBand record in WAV format?

GarageBand normally does not store or record files in WAV format. However, there is a workaround to convert the recorded file to WAV format by exporting the file to iTunes. There is a ‘share’ function on the top menu of GarageBand that can be used for this purpose. The shared file can be located in the music folder in an AIFF format, which can be converted into WAV format by using an audio file converter application such as Switch.

Does GarageBand work on OS X Lion?

GarageBand would normally work on OS X Lion, however, it is usually recommended to use the latest version of the GarageBand application.

Is it possible to select a BPM of 135.5 on GarageBand instead of 135 or 136?

GarageBand normally does not permit fractions BPM and only accepts integer Beat Per Minute numbers. Hence, a selection of 135.5 or finer increments may not be possible.

How to switch off iPad in-built microphone when playing guitar through Garageband

iPad does not appear to have an option to turn off the in-built microphone. However, the ‘Noise Gate’ function available in Garageband could be a possible solution or recording over the in-built microphone when playing through GarageBand.

A track on GarageBand (imported from iTunes) is gray and won't play. Is there a way to fix it?

One of the possibilities could be that the track is on mute. This can easily be determined and resolved by clicking the blue icon of the speaker on the track.

How to upload a song created using GarageBand on YouTube or Facebook

Combing the song with a video will usually allow it to be uploaded as a standard video on YouTube or Facebook. The song can be embedded on a video using the iMovies application available on Mac computers.

Is it possible to consolidate several tracks into a single track in GarageBand?

This can usually be done by a simple act of copy and pasting the tracks on set loop points. Simply highlight the tracks from one project and click Command and C keys simultaneously for copying followed by clicking Command and V keys at the same time for pasting onto the other project. Despite being a user-friendly application, GarageBand has enough complexity to befuddle an uninitiated user of the app. Not grasping the full functionality of the app, or understanding its limitations could lead to loss of an entire project or limit the potential of a creative piece by not making optimal use of GarageBand. However, it is possible to solve GarageBand problems or exploit full potential of the application by consulting Experts who may have a deeper understanding of the GarageBand app and its myriad of functions.

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