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Gabapentin Medication

What is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin can also be referred to as Neurontin which is a type of pharmaceutical medication that was originally made to treat Epilepsy but can also be used to treat neurotic pain. This type of medication can also help treat seizures, neuropathic pain and hot flashes. Often, this medication can be used to treat focal seizures as well as different kinds of pain located in the head. Some studies have been done to help decide if this medication can be used to treat migraines as well. When someone needs to take this medication many questions regarding the dosage and side effects can arise. Individuals can read below to find frequently asked questions answered by Experts.

What are some side effects of Gabapentin?

Side effects of Gabapentin may include:
• Cold or flu like symptoms
• Delusions
• Dementia
• Hoarseness of the throat
• Loss of strength
• Lower side or back pain
• Lowered blood pressure

Can a Z-pack be taken safely with Gabapentin?

When someone is taking Gabapentin and they have some sort of infection, some doctors will prescribe a Z-pack or Azithromycin to treat this infection. Often, these two medications can be taken safely together without any type of interaction. If the individual is worried about drug interaction, talking with a doctor can help answer some questions regarding both of these medications.

Can Gabapentin be quit suddenly, if not then why?

When taking Gabapentin, the dosage should not be quit suddenly. Often doctors will want the individual to slowly tapper down the dosage. Slowly lowering the dosage can help slowly rid the system of this medication. If the medication is quit suddenly, some individuals can experience dizziness. Other side effects can arise and cause someone to seek medical attention in deciding the proper way to get off this medicine.

Can Gabapentin be used as a mood stabilizer? Is there monitoring needed when on this medication?

Gabapentin can be used as a mood stabilizer as well as a pain killer. Often, some doctors will treat the pain and not know that this medication can also be used as a stabilizer. When there is any use of this medication, a doctor will normally not monitor the use of this unless there are issues. Monitoring may be needed when someone is slowly stopping this medication.

Is Gabapentin habit forming?

Someone may not need to worry about this medication becoming habit forming. Some people who take this medication have not shown any issues with it becoming addicting. In very few cases, the medication can become a habit but this is only in rare occurrences.

What is the normal dosage for Gabapentin and is 1500mg too much of this medication?

When a person takes 1500 milligrams of Gabapentin, this is generally considered to be a decent or normal dose. Dosage amounts as high as 3,600 milligrams have been prescribed to people before. The dosage will generally depend on what the medication is taken for and what the person can tolerate.

Gabapentin is a medication that is used to treat pain and other health issues. In many cases, the dosage of this medication may depend on what is wrong or even what the person is suffering from. When there is a nee to take this medication, questions regarding proper dosage and usage may arise. When answers to these questions or any questions regarding Gabapentin are needed, the person may want to ask the Experts.
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