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Power Mac G5 Problems

The Power Mac G5 is Apple’s marketing nomenclature for Power Macintosh models which contain the IBM PowerPC G5 CPU. This professional grade computer was one of the most powerful and fastest models in Apple’s lineup when it was introduced.

Dealing with Power Mac G5 problems requires some level of technical expertise and knowledge. Hence to know more about Power Mac G5 troubleshooting, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

Why is the Power Mac G5 randomly entering sleep mode especially while running specific programs such as iPhoto?

Most likely the Power Mac G5 could be overheating. This usually occurs when the computer gets overloaded from several applications. Additionally the running temperatures of the CPU cores should be checked if they are at similar temperatures. A device referred to as “istat pro” is available to read temperatures of each G5 CPU while under load and idle. Working temperature should not exceed 7 degrees Celsius nor go higher than 85 C while under load.

Temperatures higher than this can cause the Power Mac G5 to shut down. Apart from this, compressed air, cans or vacuums should not be used to clean motherboard as it can be detrimental. Instead a soft brush can be used. While cleaning the Power Mac G5, grounding should be maintained by wearing a ground strap on one wrist especially while working internally.

Why would a used Power Mac G5 OS 10.4 display broken finder folder/face with a question mark during setup?

The Power Mac G5 should be booted from the 10.4 disk to investigate further. The disk should be inserted and the Power Mac restarted. When it restarts, the “Option/Alt” keys should be held down until a screen with two arrows is visible. One should wait for the cursor to revert control to you after which you can check for the icons present. If there are two, one for the installer and another for the hard drive, the “Installer” icon should be clicked and next the right arrow. Once “Installer” is running, the language question should be answered and then navigated to the “Menu” bar at the top of the screen. From the menus present here, “Disk Utility” should be chosen. Within “Disk Utility” there should be an icon at the left side named Macintosh HD or another name with a hard drive icon. This icon should be clicked, after which the “First Aid” tab on the right and then “Repair Disk”. If nothing happens, “Disk Utility” should be quit and Installer revisited. At “Destinations” page, the hard drive icon and the “Options” button below it should be clicked. Here, “Archive & Install” should be clicked while ensuring the “Preserve Users and Settings” tab is enabled. This is an important measure. Once done, the window should be closed and Install finished. After this the Power Mac G5 will restart, probably several times. Once it completes and starts up, the OS X would be new with files unaffected.

Why is the Power Mac G5 displaying a blinking folder which changes to a happy face with a question mark over it?

Most probably the Power Mac G5 is trying to locate the Mac OS X and the question mark is a sign that the OS is not being found on the system. Most probably the Power Mac G5 is unable to register that the OS X is not installed on the hard disk. Hence this may mean reinstalling Mac OS X. To do this, the Mac OS X Disk 1 should be inserted and the Power Mac G5 restarted. While restarting, the “C” key on the keyboard should be held down. This boots Mac into the installation screen. After which, the onscreen instructions should be followed to install Mac OS X. It should be noted that Mac OS X Snow Leopard will not work on Power Mac G5 since Snow Leopard requires Intel machines. Hence a Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard can be purchased and installed on the Power Mac G5.

Why is the Power Mac G5 screen flashing thrice when turned on?

Typically the Power Mac G5 screen flashing thrice can be a symptom of a faulty RAM. On the other hand it is possible that the RAM is fine but the logic board may be problematic. To test the RAM’s functionality, a backup RAM can be swapped with the existing one to check if the problem is corrected. Alternatively, the RAM can be removed and reconfigured in a different slot after which the Power Mac G5 can be restarted. If the problem persists, it may need further diagnosis.

As seen listed above are some of the Power Mac G5 problems which one can come across. There may be many other instances where further Power Mac G5 troubleshooting or Power Mac G5 repair is required. This is where the skills and expertise of Experts can play an important role in obtaining information and answers to any question or Power Mac G5 problem you may be facing.
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