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What is Form G-325A?

Form G-325A is a biographical form used to submit required information to the U.S. Immigrations and Citizenship Department, G-325A is a simple form that requires basic information such as name, date of birth, address, education, etc. This form can be filled easily online or it can be printed and mailed. Similar to a background verification document, it records the biographical information that will confirm the history or background of an individual The biographical or background information on Form G-325A provides an easy reference for the visa officer to assess your basic information. The G-325A information required is dependent on the type of visa applied for. Providing the truthful and complete information will go a long way in helping the visa procedure carry on smoothly with minimum concerns. Here is a link to access the Form G-325A:

Who is the petitioner and beneficiary? Do both require G-325A forms?

The petitioner is usually the United States citizen. The beneficiary is the person trying to enter or obtain legal status in the United States. Form G-325A needs to be filed by each party, with their respective information and signatures – meaning there will be a form for each.

What are the address details that need to be included in the G-325A form? What are the photos are required for G-325A?

A person will need to list their current or present address first, even if they are not a resident themselves but married to one and living with them. Then the previous addresses for the last five years need to be included regardless of whether the addresses were in the United States or abroad.

Both Form I-130 and Form G-325A require photos of the petitioner/sponsor as well as the applicant/beneficiary.

Form G-325A has to be sent in duplicate. Do both need to be original or would copies suffice?

When an applicant submits Form G-325A, he or she will send one original and one copy. However, the signature of applicant needs to be an original signature on both forms. It is best to use a blue ink pen so the signature is visible and viewed as authentic by the visa officer reviewing the document.

What should I do if I do not have the information requested about my parents on the G-325A? 

It is a common scenario that applicants may not have all of their parents’ information. When you are unaware it is acceptable to list “unknown” in the applicable sections. There should be no adverse results on the G-325A as this is not required to process the form.

What are the names and alien registration numbers (ARN) that need to be mentioned on the Forms G-325A for both the petitioner and the beneficiary?

Since Form G-325A is being filled by both parties, their names need to be mentioned where it says “applicant” on their respective forms. With regard to the alien registration number (ARN), it would not be applicable on this form and hence can be N/A or left blank.

How can one correct a mistake made on Forms I-130, G-325A, and I-485?

A letter can be mailed to the same address the forms were sent to, informing the authorities of the mistake. Including a copy of the I-130 and I-485 receipts (once received) would be helpful. At the time of interview, the mistake can be pointed out again to the interviewer or officer so the correct details can be recorded, if they haven’t already been.

Should illegal employment details be avoided on Form G-325A or will the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) contact previous employers?

All forms need to be filled with actual, honest details as you are bound by the oath to provide truthful information on this form. In most cases, the USCIS does not verify with past employers, but this should not be a reason to avoid mentioning unauthorized employment. It is safer to provide the information than to lie.  It should be noted that if the application is based on an employment-related visa, the information may lead to further deliberation. 180 days or more of unlawful employment may create complications. If the visa is family based, mentioning the unlawful employment is sensible. In most cases, the employer should not be penalized for providing illegal employment and the form will have factual information, which is the major requirement.

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