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Fuse Box Problems

A fuse box is a semi enclosed consumer unit which is fitted either with fuses which can be rewired or cartridge fuses. The current fuse boxes generally contain miniature circuit boards. Fuse boxes are a component of the electrical supply system which divides the electrical power feed into secondary circuits while providing a circuit breaker for each circuit. Basically it controls the electric flow and in the event of an overload, the fuse attached to the circuit will trip, ceasing the power to any devices or appliances within that circuit. These boxes can be controlled using a main switch. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have been answered by the Experts regarding fuse box problems.

What could be the problem with a clothes dryer that is not heating and will only heat when the fuse box is moved a little?

If moving the cartridge around provides heat to the dryer, this indicates a loose connection on the fuse holder. You could try tightening the holder where the fuse is placed. It should be a tight fit within the holder.

Where can an individual find a fuse box on a Goldstar microwave stove?

Usually the microwaves do not have fuse boxes but they do have a “line fuse” and a thermal fuse which protects the magnetron. The line fuse is located in the area where the power cord (wall plug cord) enters the microwave. To access any of the fuses on this unit you need to reach the inner components of the unit for which the entire metal cabinet needs to be removed. You also need to be aware that the microwave can contain over 50,000 volts even when unplugged hence you should be very careful while dismantling it.

What can make a microwave blow a fuse on a fuse box?

If the breaker of your house is tripping or a fuse is blowing the problem may not be with the microwave. There is a fuse within the microwave which should trip if something were to be wrong before the breaker trips. This could be a case where the breaker is beginning to become weak due to power being drawn over a period of time. To be certain, you could run an extension cord to an outlet in a different room or a different breaker such as the refrigerator. Plug your microwave into this outlet to test it is not flipping any other breaker. If the problem continues, you will need to replace the breaker and the problem would get resolved.

Where can an individual find a fuse box for a GE Monogram cooktop and ventilator?

This particular model does not have a fuse box but a circuit board with a wire stop pin which performs the function of a fuse. You could try removing the circuit board and check if the fuse can be removed in this model. If it is not detachable, you may need to replace the board. Prior to opting to replace the board, get to the fuse box, shut off the power and wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, flip the breaker back on hard. This may get the cooktop to work again.

What could cause a new Panasonic microwave to blow the fuse box when the microwave is only on for a few minutes? The refrigerator is plugged into the same circuit, and the refrigerator does not blow the fuse box.

First thing you could try is operating the microwave with the refrigerator unplugged. The compressor being working in the same line as the 1300W microwave could cause issues. The problem you have described above is common for microwaves as they age however this should not be the case with a new microwave. The problem is most likely with the high voltage section and it could be the magnetometer (the microwave generator), high voltage capacitor or PC board which controls the microwave. This is an expensive repair ranging from $150 to $200 and it is better to have a technician look at or you can contact the company as it may be under warranty.

Fuses boxes are part and parcel of electrical wiring and installation. They are meant to trip when there is an overload or something going wrong with the appliance plugged into a power socket. They provide safety by tripping the power supply and usually once the root cause is detected the power is restored. Fuse box problems can cause issues to your appliance or trouble with your appliance can cause fuse box issues. Either way, consulting and seeking the help and assistance of Experts will help you arrive at the problem as well as solution effectively and reasonably.
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