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Furnace Problems

A furnace is a very common and permanent installation in a household to provide heat to the interior of the house through the intermediary fluid movement of air, steam or hot water. The fuel resources to obtain this heat is usually liquid petroleum gas (LPG), fuel oil, coal or wood. Among this LPG is the most commonly used. The main components of a natural gas or propane fired forced air furnace are as follows:
The burners, heat exchanger, draft inducer, and venting
The controls and safety devices
The blower and air movement

Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on furnaces.

What could be the problem with a furnace that lights for only a few seconds and then turns off and the cycle continues?

The problem is most likely with the flame sensor. The flame sensor is the part which is close to flame. It resembles a miniature metal rod. The flame sensor can also be in the form of a thermocouple or another solid state device. It needs to be cleaned with a billow pad or steel wool. If cleaning does not resolve the problem, that part will need to be replaced.

Why does a twenty year old electronic furnace keep snapping continuously though the furnace has been cleaned several times?

The snap sounds are normal if this is an electrostatic filter with charged plates. However it should not snap continuously. If it is doing so it could be failing or have a hair, thread or some type of foreign object which is causing the plates to short circuit. Despite cleaning this area, if the snapping continues, the insulation could be wearing down. These types of units work based on large voltage placed across potential series of plates. Since the unit is very old the insulation depreciation is also a possibility. If nothing is causing the short circuiting then you will need to replace it for a new one.

Is there a way to blow out cold air from a GE warm air furnace?

In some cases, furnaces could have a “fan only” switch but not always. During the heating cycle, the fan which is controlled by the fan switch senses the heat from the combustion chamber and comes on. There is a possibility to use the fan switch manually or manually set up an “on” switch. This requires technical expertise to set up. On the other hand if your furnace does not have this “fan only” switch this is not an option. Since this furnace is also named as a warm air furnace it is most likely going to blow out only warm/hot air.

What could be the cause if an individual used a generator and now the exhaust fan of a furnace is not shutting off?

The exhaust fan relay could have shorted or jammed leading to the contact points welding together or burning out. First turn the breaker off. Try to get to the control box and check for a small relay. Next follow the fan wires to the relay. Try using a screw driver to pop open the contacts. If they are enclosed, try pounding it with your hand to force open them. Scraping the contacts can also be done to obtain a good connection.

Why do the igniters of an Amana furnace glow hot, though the gas supply is present? It burns only for a few seconds before going out.

The most plausible cause for this could be a dirty flame sensor. Due to the dirt the flame will not sustain and most likely trip a high limit thermostat. Check one of the burners for a thick wire which would be sticking out. Clean it using sand paper till it is clean and shiny. Ensure the filter is clean as well.

A furnace is a very important installation in the heating of a household. The heat and control is directly dependent on the proper functioning of the furnace. Malfunctioning furnaces or issues with them can be a cause of concern since the heating can be directly affected especially in cold places. To be equipped with basic information, tips and to get useful information or a solution regarding the furnace issues faced by individuals. These individuals can contact the thousands of available Experts.
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