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Subaru Fuel Tank Problems

A car fuel tank is a storage container to hold fuel. Because auto fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, is flammable, a fuel tank is built with as many safeguards as possible. Fuel tanks vary in size and shape depending on the size of the car and its design. All fuel tanks have a provision for filling and for reading the level of fuel they contain. When thinking about high-tech Subaru features, the fuel tank probably isn’t the first component that comes to mind. However, beyond its most basic role of storing and supplying fuel to your vehicle’s engine, the Subaru fuel tank features sophisticated engineering designed to keep you and your passengers safe. However, just as other vehicles have fuel tank issues, so can the Subaru. When fuel tank issues arise, car owners may have questions that need answered. Read below where Experts have answered a variety of questions about the Subaru fuel tank.

How long does it take to replace a Subaru fuel tank?

1.8 hours for a two-wheel drive car and 3.5 hours for an all-wheel drive.

The fuel tank on a Subaru Forester cannot be filled as it spills over, the CEL was on but was reset recently. How can this problem be resolved?

It would appear that the vent valve/drain valve is stuck in the closed position. When this happens pressure in the tank pushes the fuel back when more is added. Because of this more fuel cannot enter the tank and spills over. This valve is designed to release pressure in the tank which obviously in this case it is not doing. This issue will in all likelihood be covered by a federal emissions warranty because of which a dealership should repair it for free. Otherwise it would cost about $300 to repair.

A Subaru does not accelerate when the fuel tank is filled. What could this be due to?

First check if the fuel pressure is too low. At idling speed it should read 43.4 psi. Next check that fuel is not being choked by the fuel filter. If fuel is coming through freely and at the right pressure then check to see if the exhaust system is clear. It might be a good idea to have the exhaust back pressure tested at a muffler shop.

A Subaru GL XT starts but stalls after a minute as if it is running out of fuel. What could the problem be due to?

Case Details: The entire fuel line and all components have been overhauled or replaced recently.

This could be caused for a number of reasons. It could be a bad mass air flow sensor (MAF) or the snorkel out of the sensor to the throttle body could be torn. Mass air flow sensor issues are common problems which could impact the running of the vehicle. When trying to identify the source of the problem look for rips or cracks through which air can enter the engine bypassing the air flow sensor. The MAF measures the quantity of air entering the engine with a hot wire sensing element based on which it works out the ideal air/fuel ratio. If the sensor is bad the readings go haywire resulting in the wrong air/fuel ratio which will cause some serious performance issues. In extreme cases a problem of this sort will even prevent the car from starting. Sometimes the check engine light turns on indicating that something is very wrong and the engine struggling to run on a very lean fuel mixture.

The fuel tank vent solenoid on a Subaru Impreza is good but it is giving a 0448 code. Does this signify low impedance in the fuel vent valve or are any other solenoids involved?

The code indicates a short in the vent solenoid circuit. Even though there are multiple solenoids in the circuit the code specifically refers to the vent solenoid circuit.

Subaru takes exceptional care in fuel tank design because of the danger from highly flammable gasoline it carries. It has built precautions into the design to prevent static ignition of fuel vapor during filling when the cap is opened. For more information on Subaru fuel tanks, problems and solutions ask an Expert.
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