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Hyundai Fuel Pump Problems

Need to know how to remove a Hyundai fuel pump for replacement. Need to diagnose a fuel pump problem – how to go about it. What gauge will be needed to measure fuel pump pressure? What does a Hyundai Santa Fe fuel pump assembly cost? Where is the fuel pump on a Hyundai located?

Need assistance with Hyundai fuel pumps? Need help to troubleshoot fuel pump problems? The best way to go about it is to ask an Expert. See how Experts have helped Hyundai owners with fuel pump issues.

Does the fuel tank have to be removed to take out a Hyundai fuel pump?

No, it can be accessed from below the rear seat. The rear seat will need to be removed under which there is an access panel which will need to be opened to reach the fuel pump.

What is the solution to the fuel pump fuse on a Hyundai Getz which continues to blow even after the pump has been replaced and sets error code P0108?

Error code P0108 relates to the Gas Tank Pressure Sensor which senses a pressure problem in the fuel tank. It could be an internal short which causes the fuse to blow consistently. The way to go is to disconnect and reconnect the battery cables to erase memory and restart the car to see if the same code returns. The code might well have been set earlier but was never cleared in which case it will not be currently significant.

Why does a Hyundai X3 keep stopping then starting again? >

The first step is to make a proper diagnosis of the problem. It could be due to the fuel pump which will need to be checked. To do this a fuel pressure gauge will have to be hooked up to read the operating pressure.

The engine should also be scanned because there might be a problem with the crank sensor which could cause an intermittent running situation. Chances are that there is a fault in either the pump or the crank sensor.

Where is the fuel pump of a Hyundai Trajet located?

Look under the rear seat for an access panel which will need to be removed to get to the fuel pump.

What will it cost to replace the fuel pump of a Hyundai Santa Fe and 3 senders?

The fuel pump module costs $343 which includes fuel senders A and B and the subfuel sender. Labor cost to replace them will work out to about $110. An aftermarket fuel pump module costs $299 which is not significantly cheaper.

Where on a Hyundai is the fuel pump relay located?

The fuel pump relay can be found in the relay box of the instrument panel on the driver side.

Why did a Hyundai suddenly stop while running and the fuel pump fail to deliver fuel?

This could be due to a vapor lock which has developed which is blocking the freeflow of fuel. The vapor lock would most probably have built up because the gas vent in the tank is clogged with dirt or leaves. If the problem recurs after the vent is cleared a pressure gauge should be hooked up to confirm at what pressure fuel is being delivered at the fuel rail. Basically this is a pressure related problem which could be due to a vapor lock and if not that, then because of a faulty fuel pump.

What is the best solution when a fuel pump does not get powered up?

The solution is to check the fuel pump harness, especially the pins, for signs of corrosion. If that it all good then it could be an issue with the ECM.

Why is a Hyundai Elantra sluggish though the fuel pump has been replaced, the fuel injectors cleaned and new spark plugs installed?

The engine could be starved for air because of a blocked air filter. Replace the air filter which will allow the engine to breathe.

Not all engine problems are fuel pump related, but many are. When you have a problem like a sluggish engine or one that keeps stopping and starting, what is the solution? Relay the symptoms to an Expert and ask for a solution. The Expert will respond with an analysis and suggest the best course of action.
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