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Honda Fuel Pump Problems

Being aware of potential problem areas with fuel pumps and treating them timely and efficiently is imperative to all vehicles. Any damage to the fuel pump could effectively stall the engine and bring a vehicle to a standstill. Below are a few frequently asked questions Experts have answered regarding Honda Fuel Pump Problems.

Why does a 93 Honda Del Sol Fuel Pump not have power after it has been replaced along with the Main Relay?

This may be caused by a broken wire connected to the pump or internal damage in the main relay. First check all the fuses under the hood and in the dash fuse boxes to ensure they are intact and not blown., If the fuses are good, next, using a volt meter or test light, the fuel pump and the main relay are getting power to them.

Is it necessary to remove the fuel tank to remove a Honda Accord EX 92 fuel pump or is there any other access to the fuel pump?

Removing the fuel tank is the easiest way to access the fuel pump. There are three bolts that come out from the straps and the last connector can be accessed from the top by removing the metal plate in the trunk of the vehicle. The fuel pump can also be removed directly from this access hole in the trunk. The plate will pop off and the unit will be visible.

What could be the reason for D4 error, inoperable fuel sending unit and no fuel delivery in Honda Accord 92 in spite of replacing the fuel pump, relay and the filter?

The first step to determine the source would be to retrieve the diagnostic code for D4 error. One can read the code by connecting the SCS connector, switching on the ignition and counting the number of flashes. Long flashes = 10 and Short = 1. Since it is a D4 error, the cause could be linked to PGM-FI relay. The second step is to check the power supply to the PGM-FI main relay. Check the power supply by turning the ignition switch on and verify the Black/Yellow wire has power. Then ensure the fuses in the dash fuse box and in the fuse box under the hood are intact and good. The fuel sending unit and the fuel pump use separate circuits and can be accessed through the service cover inside the trunk. To test, switch on the ignition and ground the wire at the sending unit. If the meter works, the sending unit may need to be replaced.

Why is Honda Passport 96 not getting any fuel after replacing the fuel pump and filter?

To diagnose the problem, verify the following:
1.Find out if the check engine light comes on when the key is turned.
2. If there are any OBDII code.
3. If the circuit of the load side and the control side is okay.
4. If the power, grounds sensor inputs are fine then the problem could be with the PCM or a crack in the pink wire between PCM and the fuel pump relay.

The PCM is located at the bottom right in the middle of the dash. There should be a blue connector with a pink wire. Check if the wire is damaged in anyway or loose. If the wire appears intact, the problem could be the PCM as there are no other connectors between PCM and the relay.

What could cause a 1990 Honda Civic Wagon engine to stall after a few miles of driving despite replacing the fuel pump?

If there is no spark in the fuel pump it could be a faulty igniter or coil. However, if there is no fuel getting to the fuel pump then the main relay is damaged. The main relay could overheat and short the circuit board resulting in a stalled engine. If these are the problem areas then replacing the igniter, coil and the main relay may resolve the issue.

However, if the fuel pump is running fine, it could be the distributor, damage to the ECM or the ECM wiring. Check blink codes on the ECM. There is a little window on the ECM that blinks codes with the ignition on.

The fuel pump plays an essential role in keeping any vehicle running. Given the varied components that could impact its smooth operation or the damage it could do to the Honda, knowing when to seek intervention and guidance is vital. Turn to an Expert who has specialist knowledge of Honda Fuel Pumps and other related units that could offer diagnostics to solve the Fuel Pump problems.
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