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Chrysler Fuel Pump Troubleshooting

Can Chrysler fuel pump conditions be established from sensor resistance? If your Chrysler has a cold start issue, is the fuel pump or the fuel injector defective? These are some typical questions users ask Experts, confident of receiving a reliable and customized answer.

Read below how Experts have addressed these and other Chrysler fuel pump related issues.

Why does the fuel gauge remain empty and the fuel light come on though the cluster with gauges has been replaced twice?

Perform a sweep test of the gauge by following these steps. With the key in the lock position press and hold down the trip reset button for approximately 10 seconds. If the gauge is good the needle should perform a full sweep. If it does, the circuits at the instrument cluster will need to be checked, in particular the signals from the fuel sending units. With the key on, check the voltage at the connector to the instrument cluster. When the tank is full the reading should range from 0.6-0.9 amps and, when empty, between 7 and 12 volts. Fuel sender inputs go directly to the instrument cluster. If the reading is less than five volts on either sender then the gauge should display a positive reading. Additionally, check the resistance at the fuel level sensors. This should read approximately 59 ohms when full on the left side and 911 ohms when empty. The equivalent readings on the right should be around 93 and 956 ohms respectively. Once the readings are taken they should indicate where the fault lies which ultimately may filter down to a defective fuel pump.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler 300C which begins to sputter at 40 mph?

Chances are the fuel filter is restricted or the fuel pump is weak. Test the fuel pressure which will help identify which exactly is at fault.

Why does a Chrysler Town and Country still have a problem with a cold start though the fuel pump and filter have been replaced?

Case Details: Fault codes P1595 and P0300 are displayed.

The two most likely causes for this are a defective check valve in the fuel pump or a dripping/leaking fuel injector. Both conditions will allow fuel to drain out of the fuel rail which will make cold starting difficult. Since the fuel pump has already been replaced the problem seems more like a leaking fuel injector. At the next cold start, shut the engine down and pull out the plugs one at time to see which one or more are moist with fuel. The injectors that are wet are defective and will need to be replaced.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Town and Country which does not start immediately after being shut off?

When the key is turned on listen for sounds of the fuel pump relay clicking. If nothing is heard, check the fuel pump fuse. If the fuse is good the fuel pump is probably faulty and needs to be replaced.

What could be wrong with a Chrysler which cranks but does not fire and sets no fault codes?

This appears to be fuel delivery issues probably caused by a bad fuel pump relay. The relay, which can be replaced, is located in the TIPM. Check fuse M25 which delivers the relay output to the fuel pump. If the fuse has no power, check the relay by bypassing it and delivering 12V directly to the fuse and on to the pump. If the engine starts then it confirms that the fuel pump relay is bad and needs to be replaced.

Fuel related issues could be mechanical or electrical because of the multiple components in the delivery system. Electrical issues can easily be traced, but if the fuel pump is bad, which is most often the case, then that becomes difficult because it is not easy to access. In many instances, a bad fuel pump can be determined by other methods without needing to gain access to it. To know how to do this, ask an Expert. In fact, for all Chrysler fuel pump related problems, your best source for a solution is an online verified Expert.

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