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Cadillac Fuel Pump Problems

A Cadillac fuel pump is designed to constantly keep the fuel flowing at a certain pressure to the engine. These fuel pumps are of two types – mechanical and electrical. Typically, mechanical fuel pumps are engine driven and produce low pressure. In contrast, electrical fuel pumps produce higher pressure with electronic fuel injection. As the performance of the vehicle depends a great deal on the maintenance of the fuel system, unawareness of how to handle problems that could arise from time to time could lead to damage to the car. Read on to find out how a few common questions about Cadillac fuel pumps have been answered by the Experts.

Where is the Cadillac fuel pump relay located, and how can the fuel pump be reset?

The Cadillac fuel pump relay is located in the rear fuse block which is in the left rear of the passenger compartment, under the rear seat.

The fuel pump cannot be reset; if the pump has quit or the pressure is low, the fuel pump is dead. This is a common problem. The fuel pump is in the fuel tank.

What does PO230 in the Cadillac fuel pump indicate?

Where is the fuse for the Cadillac fuel pump located on a 2000 Cadillac Deville? What could be the problem with a Cadillac fuel pump that keeps burning up? This could happen when there is a female terminal that is loose in the fuse/relay panel. Due to the high resistance caused by the loose connection, heat is built up causing the relay terminal to melt or burn up.

To check this out, take out the relay and examine all the terminals in the panel. A small pick can also be used to tighten up the terminals which should sort out the issue.

What are the symptoms of a faulty Cadillac fuel pump?

If one could hear the Cadillac fuel pump run, but there is no fuel pressure at all in the rail, it could be that the fuel pump is bad/faulty and needs to be replaced. When the pump is running, there should be 49 to 55 psi of fuel pressure which should cause it to flow out fairly heavily.

What could cause a Cadillac fuel pump fuse to blow?

> If the fuel pressure regulator is bad, it could cause too much fuel pressure causing the Cadillac fuel pump to over work. This could also happen if the filter is clogged. It would be a good idea to replace the fuel pump along with the filter and fuel pressure regulator.

Where is the Cadillac fuel pump relay located on a 03 Cadillac CTS?

The Cadillac has a passenger compartment situated below the rear seat on the right hand side. This is where the fuel pump relay is located.

Where is the Cadillac fuel pump relay located on a 95 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham?

The Cadillac fuel pump relay is located on the passenger side of the firewall.

The Cadillac fuel pump is extremely important as it has to provide constant fuel flow and pressure to the engine. Being unaware of how to handle issues that arise with the Cadillac fuel pump could lead to questions. When questions arise, turning to an Expert could prove to be beneficial.
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